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Chris Cillizza Hits Another New Low, Represents Everything Vapid, Brain-Dead, Wrong About Beltway Political Media


There’s some decent analysis of last night’s GOP freak show (er, “debate”) out there, but you certainly won’t find it in the Washington (Com)Post’s “The Fix” column. Here’s yet more evidence that mindless, inside-the-Beltway, “very serious person” conventional-wisdom-spewer Chris Cillizza is the epitome of everything wrong with corporate media political coverage today.

All style, zero substance. Fawning over Marco Rubio supposedly having “the best debate performance by any candidate in any debate so far in the 2016 election.” WTF?!?!?!?!!?! No analysis of how almost every word out of Republicans’ mouths last night was: a) false; b) crazy; c) extreme; d) all of the above. No mention of how not one of these candidates is even remotely suitable to be an elected official in the US, let alone president of our country. Utterly vapid, mindless drivel from one of the most widely-read political “analysts” in the American media. And we wonder why we’re in deep trouble?!?

Let’s go to the top-rated comments on Cillizza’s drvel for something intelligent (unlike Cillizza, who has the IQ of a rotting eggplant):

Top-rated comment: “The winner of tonight’s debate was clearly . . . Hillary Clinton.”
#2-rated comment: “It was impossible to watch this debate and not feel embarrassed as an American.”
#3-rated comment: “Also on the Losers list: our country. One of these clowns will get the nomination of one of the only two parties that can produce our next President. God help us.”
#4-rated comment: “All Losers. Not a single one of them offered any hope for the poor and middle class in America.”
#5-rated comment: “Trump Rubio and Cruz all tried to make the point that the others were not suited to be president- well they all had a good point there.”
#6-rated comment: “The Fix is going downhill and tonight is a perfect example. How anyone could describe Rubio’s hyperactive grinning and jabbering as”the best debate performance o f the campaign” is utterly beyond me. My take is: Winner- Kasich Losers- all the other candidates, the Republican Party, and the American people. And Wolf Blitzer.”

Note: every one of those comments is infinitely more insightful, intelligent, value-added than pretty much anything Cillizza has written this entire election cycle. I’d fire Cillizza and replace him with any of the aforementioned commenters; they couldn’t possibly do a worse job, and almost certainly would do a far better one, probably for a lot less money too.

P.S. In fairness to Cillizza, he’s no worse than the likes of Wolf Blitzer. Point is, Cillizza’s abysmal, but there are lots more dregs where he came from.


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