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Sen. Louise Lucas (D) Flips, Supports Republicans in Bid to Oust Virginia Supreme Court Justice Jane Roush


So…this just happened: State Sen. Louise Lucas (D) flipped from a “nay” to a “yea” on the Republicans’ bid to oust Virginia Supreme Court Justice Jane Roush. According to Daily Press reporter Travis Fain, “So: Senate Courts of Justice cmt. just voted to certify Alston to Supreme Court. Dem. Sen. Lucas voted with R’s. R Sturtevant still a no. …. Cmt also certified Kenneth Melvin of Portsmouth, which Lucas represents, for Court of Appeals. Lucas a yes. Sturtevant a no…So it would seem, with Sturtevant unwilling to vote for GOP judge choice Alston, a deal was struck with Dem sen Lucas.”

The only question is, what was the deal? But the bottom line is that Gov. McAuliffe’s Supreme Court pick, Justice Jane Roush, is now toast, even with Republican Glen Sturtevant a “no” to replace her. Ugh.

UPDATE: The deal was for Lucas to get this guy (according to the Washington Times, “Lucas said she voted for Alston in exchange for her neighbor and political mentor to replace Alston on the appeals court”) on the Court of Appeals of Virginia.

UPDATE 5:29 pm: According to AP reporter Alan Suderman — “Chaos: Louise Lucas says @GovernorVA got her to change her mind on defecting to GOP on high court pick.” WTF?


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