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AG Mark Herring to Join Other States’ AGs in “potential collaboration on key climate change-related investigations”


Let’s hope that this press conference is about this (“Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General”). If so, it’s great news. For more background on this issue, see Time for State Attorneys General – Including Virginia’s – to Look Into Using RICO Laws to Prosecute Fossil Fuel Companies Just like Tobacco Industry?, Maryland AG May Join New York AG in Investigating Exxon; What About Virginia AG???, and of course the award-winning series on Exxon’s climate science denial by the superb InsideClimate News. The bottom line is that, as former UVA climate scientist Michael Mann (the target of crazy Ken Cuccinelli’s anti-climate-science witch hunt) wrote in today’s Huffington Post: “Fossil fuel companies have been misleading the public and policymakers about the risks of their products for decades. These corporations should obviously be held accountable.”  Exactly. And here in Virginia, we’ve got plenty of potential culprits to go after…not just ExxonMobil.


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