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1Q16 Virginia Campaign Finance Numbers: A Few Highlights


Campaign finance reports for 1Q2016 are coming in (see VPAP, the State Board of Election and the FEC); here are a few numbers that jumped out at me. Note that the next reporting deadline for traditional, non-PAC fundraising isn’t until June.

2017 Governor’s Race
Republican Ed Gillespie’s “Let’s Grow Virginia” Leadership Committee: Raised $266,127, has $615,917 on hand as of 3/31/16. (Note: Apparently Gillespie doesn’t have a regular, “for governor” account.)
Republican Rob Wittman: I hear he raised $113k.
Democrat Ralph Northam’s “Stronger Together” PAC: Raised $10,332, has $36,603 on hand. (NOTE: “Northam for Governor,” through which he’s raising most of his money, also has $616,844 through the end of 2015. I’m not sure how much Gillespie might have in his comparable account. Also note that Northam couldn’t raise $$$ during much of 1Q2016 because the General Assembly was in session.)

2017 Lt. Governor’s Race
Republican Bryce Reeves’ “Revitalize Virginia” PAC: Raised $201,728, has $292,869 on hand.
Note: Republicans Jill Vogel and Glenn Davis have also announced for LG, but I see no leadership PAC information. Vogel had $68,050 on hand at the end of 2015, while Davis had $6,259.
Note: No Democrats have announced for LG so far, although several are reportedly consideirng it.

2017 Attorney General’s Race
Democrat Mark Herring’s “One Commonwealth PAC”: Raised $76,963, has $250,993 on hand.
Note: Republicans John Adams, Chuck Smith and Rob Bell have also announced for AG, but I don’t see any leadership PAC info for them. Bell had $634,916 on hand as of 12/31/15.

2016 Arlington County Board Democratic Primary
Incumbent Libby Garvey: Raised $34,599, has $42,000 on hand.
Challenger Erik Gutshall: Raised $51,982, has $33,655 on hand.

2016 Arlington County School Board Democratic Primary
Incumbent Nancy Van Doren: Raised $10,356, has $11,112 on hand.
Challenger Tannia Talento: Raised $14,768, has $5,562 on hand.
Challenger Michael Shea: Raised $3,265, has $1,217 on hand.
No report from challenger Chaz Crimon yet.

2016 Norfolk Mayor Democratic Primary
Kenny Alexander: Raised $33,564, has $107,728 on hand.
Bob McCabe: Raised $52,187, has $47,139 on hand.
Andy Protogyrou: Raised $135,877, has $154,755 on hand.

10th CD Congressional Race
Rep. Barbara Comstock (R): Raised $579,921, has $1,773,592 on hand.
Luann Bennett (D): Raised $418,564, has $554,023 on hand.

5th CD Congressional Race
Democrat Jane Dittmar: Raised $102,565 has $133,487 on hand.
Republican candidates include Tom Garrett ($15,596 cash on hand as of 12/31/15), Jim McKelvey, Michael Del Rosso, Joseph Whited and Andrew Griffin.

4th CD Democratic Primary
Democrat Ella Ward: Raised $9.170, has $5,553 cash on hand.
Senator McEachin Outraises Democratic Opponent by Over Ten-to-One in First Quarter

Richmond – State Senator A. Donald McEachin, candidate for the Democratic nomination in Virginia-04, outraised his Democratic opponent for the nomination by a margin of over ten to one this quarter. Senator McEachin, who did not announce or begin raising money in earnest until last month, raised over $105,000. His opponent, who announced before he did and was not constrained by the intense work of the General Assembly Session, raised slightly under $10,000 ($9850 which includes a $680 loan to the campaign).

Moreover, Senator McEachin has over $100,000 in cash on hand and his opponent only has $5500 on hand.

The senator’s very successful fundraising further demonstrates his incredibly strong momentum in this race. He has the support of all five statewide elected officials – the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General and both US Senators.

Last month, he turned in over three times the number of valid petitions signatures to get on the ballot.

Senator McEachin continues to travel the district, meeting with voters and working hard to earn their support.


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