Home Energy and Environment “Sustainability and Resiliency” Conference Sponsored by…Dominion and Exxon??? LOL

“Sustainability and Resiliency” Conference Sponsored by…Dominion and Exxon??? LOL


There are a bunch of adjectives I can think of to describe this “2016 ENERGY, SUSTAINABILITY AND RESILIENCY CONFERENCE” being held Tuesday, May 10 in Richmond, and sponsored by…yep, Dominion Power, ExxonMobil, Appalachian Power, ODEC, and other paragons of sustainability. For instance, how about we start with “Orwellian” and “laughable” to describe a conference, put on by major polluters and fossil fuel companies, to discuss how “sustainability [is] good for business” and great stuff like that. Of course, they call for an “all of the above” energy strategy, including coal and natural gas (for some reason they omit offshore oil drilling, even though they obviously are gung-ho for that too). Anyway, if you’re interested, for just $10,000 you can “participate on a panel” (woo-hoo!) and get “2 reserved tables of 10 at lunch” (super woo-hoo!). On second thought, maybe not.


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