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Video: VA House Majority Leader Kirk Cox (R) Whines About Gov. McAuliffe’s Vetoes, Takes No Responsibility for Extreme Legislation


To summarize this speech (see video below) today by Virginia House Majority Leader Kirk Cox (R) — can somebody please call a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for this guy? My god, the whining about Gov. McAuliffe’s vetoes of Virginia Republicans’ extreme legislation (on issues ranging from anti-LGBT discrimination to immigrant bashing to women’s reproductive health and freedom to anti-environmental crap to…on and on) is just insufferable, especially given that Cox takes zero responsibility for that extreme legislation. Not to mention that Cox takes no responsibility for refusing to expand Medicaid (and instead, throwing hundreds of millions of $$$ of OUR MONEY while depriving hundreds of thousands of Virginians access to affordable health insurance).

Oh, and of course Cox doesn’t take any responsibility for his party’s disgraceful ouster of Justice Jane Roush from the Virginia Supreme Court (replacaling this well-respected judge with a far-right-wing Cooch clone) and the destructive politicization of Virginia’s judicial system more broadly. And of course Cox takes no responsibility for his party killing hundreds of good bills by Democrats, mostly without recorded votes in subcommittees, and for his own party’s failure to address a wide variety of pressing issues facing our state, such as climate change, health care, ethics, etc, etc.

Yet still Cox whines. And whines. And whines some more. Because his “fee-fees” were hurt, apparently, by Gov. McAuliffe vetoing his party’s crappy bills and rightfully touting those vetoes. Again, can somebody please call a waaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for Kirk Cox, stat???


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