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Every VA GOP Congresscritter Votes to Allow Continued Anti-LGBT Discrimination by Federal Contractors


Here’s the vote tally from yesterday in the House of (Un?)Representatives, in which the vast majority of Republicans voted against this measure:

[Dem. Rep. Sean] Maloney’s amendment would have expressed support for a White House executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against the LGBT community.

Maloney, D-Cold Spring, who is gay, was enraged by McCarthy’s actions. He told reporters the arm-twisting violated “the happy nonsense about letting the House do its will’’ that House Republican leaders have espoused.

“They are strong-arming their own members to help support discrimination,’’ he said. “I don’t know how else to say it. This is as black and white as you can get. This was simply about saying nothing in this bill should contravene, should go against the president’s order which prohibits discrimination. And that was too much for them to stomach.’’

Note who voted to allow federal contractors to continue discriminating against the LGBT community? Here in Virginia, those Congresscritters include: gubernatorial candidate Rob Wittman (R-01); supposedly “moderate” Scott Rigell (R-02); theocratic extremist Randy Forbes (R-04, now running in the 2nd district); pathetic, empty suit Robert Hurt (R-05); Bob BADLatte (R-06); supposed “libertarian” Dave Brat (R-07); science denier/bigot Morgan Griffith (R-09); and right-wing “attack dog” Barbara Comstock (R-10).

To put it mildly, every single one of these folks deserves to lose in November, just for this vote alone, let alone for all their other heinous votes. Unfortunately, they’ve drawn their districts very carefully to protect themselves, so it won’t be easy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t knock off 1-3 of these cretins.

As Tom Greeson writes on Facebook, “These House Republicans will be viewed with the same lens as the segregationists who fought so hard against civil rights in the 1960s.” And as former House of Delegates candidate Rex Simmons puts it, “Hiding behind religion is an old ploy of bigots.” I couldn’t agree more.

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