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Great Stuff: Former VA GOP Executive Director Rips Trump, Conservatives Who Support Trump


Is this post by former Republican Party of Virginia Executive Director Shaun Kenney the greatest thing I’ve ever read in the Virginia political blogosphere? Maybe not, but it definitely should be on the list of classic Virginia blogosphere posts! Also, kudos to Kenney for sticking to his conservative principles. Even if I totally disagree with those principles, at least Kenney HAS principles and takes them seriously, unlike any “conservative” who supports no-principles circus clown Donald Trump. Anyway, check it out; here are some highlights.

  • “Meanwhile, we read in the pages of Bearing Drift that #NeverTrump means #NeverTrumpUnlessHeCapitulatesToImpossibleDemandsButHey-ThisMeansIAmStillAnOpenMindedGuyPleaseVoteForMe.  If you’re getting whiplash, don’t worry — this is what opportunists do when they sense the winds of change blowing in a direction opposite their own principles.  They squirm, obfuscate, equivocate.  It’s a very human thing to do… but not terribly principled (and smart folks can pick up on it).  Worse than a character flaw, it’s maddeningly disappointing.”
  • “Then there’s the gem that Mitt Romney ought to be kicked out of the Republican Party.  Genius move.  Welcome the white nationalists and nativists; drive out the Mormons and social conservatives.  Best of luck with that one.”
  • Of course, the chaos even here on the pages of Bearing Drift reflects a stark problem: even self-described conservatives don’t know what they believe anymore…Criticism is disloyalty; principles for sale; firmly held positions taken moments ago are changeable and malleable just days later.   You see it at the national level, at the state level…”
  • “Perhaps this is my last post on Bearing Drift?  Perhaps I am absolutely astonished that “renegade Jew” could be an acceptable epithet defended by Trump supporters reflexively defending their candidate of choice?  That navitism and white nationalism have returned to the American political discourse as something passe and acceptable, and not immediately attacked?”
  • “Frankly, the stupid has burnt enough.  The mad scramble of others trying to adapt to this changing environment has moved from nauseating to repulsive.  To watch a whole sea of people change their principles on a dime?  Enough… and shame on those who have done so.”



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