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Mark Warner, Tim Kaine Statements on This Evening’s U.S. Senate Gun Votes


Earlier this evening, U.S. Senate Republicans proved yet again that they don’t care either about what the American people’s safety or what they think (note that large majorities favor universal background checks, restrictions on “assault weapons” and other measures). It’s beyond disgraceful, and the only answer is to vote every one of these NRA allies – or as many as possible – out of office. In the meantime, here are some thoughts from Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. According to Warner: “While no single law will end gun violence or completely protect us from terrorism, it is clear that Americans want action. I am confident that tonight’s votes will not be the last word on this matter.”

Now here’s Sen. Tim Kaine’s statement:

“Today my colleagues and I were given the opportunity to cease being bystanders and finally start taking action on the issue of gun violence. The proposed measures—to prevent known or suspected terrorists from purchasing guns and to subject all private gun sales to background checks—are both commonsense and popular, and it’s appalling that we couldn’t get them passed.

“Virginians are far too familiar with the consequences of gun violence. While I was Governor, the Commonwealth witnessed what was, until last week, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. During my time in the Senate, we have seen three Virginians shot on live television. Newtown, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and the countless daily gun deaths that receive less attention show the dire price Americans pay for congressional inaction. I hope that my colleagues will reconsider and act on this issue before another tragedy strikes.”


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