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Video: Narcissistic Sociopath, Pathological Liar Donald Trump Attacks Tim Kaine as “Weird Little Dude,” “Political Hack”


So, Donald Trump must be really worried about Tim Kaine to launch these absurd, false, 7th-grade-level attacks. As Trump likes to say – SAD! Seriously, though, is Trump the least presidential person ever to run for president of the United States? I mean, who talks like this? “Weird little dude?” Unbelievable. Finally, note that Trump’s main criticisms of Kaine are that Virginia’s economy wasn’t doing particularly well during the Great Recession, which of course he fails to mention began under George W. Bush, and which Barack Obama and the Democrats helped our country recover from. Details, details…

  • Frank Stelk

    Mind your own business your nothing but a liberal who probably thinks Hilarious Hilary is a stand up citizen. Probably not, She could not control her husband, How does anyone think she could control a country. I personally pray for her to get run over by anything every night. Karma will catch her one day, and we will all feel safer. Can’t wait to watch her squirm when the debates start. Gotta love Trump. He is only good at 1 thing Winning. He got here, and that was the hard part, now it’s downhill and getting ready for his next move….. CHECKMATE!!

  • Elaine Owens

    It’s going to be a long, long election cycle during which we will have to listen to a bloviating, bullying case of arrested development get away with giving answers to valid questions, like “How long will it take to build your wall?”, with this verbal crap: “That wall is going to be built so quickly that your head will spin!” Uh, what??? (Actual answer to a question at the so-called “town hall” in Roanoke VA. Sorry, but I couldn’t stand to cover it. My cardiologist wouldn’t allow it.

  • Joe Mancini

    He’s just repeating what he heard from his bestie, Vladimir.