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BREAKING: Loudoun County Republican Reveals Comstock “Supports the Principles That Donald Trump Stands For”


From the DCCC; gotta love it when the Loudoun County Republican Party chair completely undermines Rep. Barbara Comstock’s desperate attempts to hide from Donald Trump. Also note the quote by another Loudoun County Republican in that interview: “we have a great candidate…I’ve always supported the ticket up and down and I expect that Barbara [Comstock] will as well.” LOL

The jig is up. Loudon Country Republican Chairman Will Estrada has publicly revealed what we’ve long known: Barbara Comstock supports the principles and ideas of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Certainly that is disturbing in its own right, considering the wide-ranging assessment that Donald Trump is one of the most dangerous and unqualified presidential candidates in our history. But just as troubling is that Barbara Comstock continues to pull the wool over her constituents’ eyes and hide her support from voters in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

In May, Comstock said to the Washington Post that “I can’t support Hillary Clinton, and I won’t be, but Donald Trump needs to earn the votes of me and many others.” Since then, she has indicated that she’s “looking past” the presidential race, and has generally avoiding mentioning Trump’s name.

But apparently, this is only Comstock’s public positioning, in order to trick the immigrants, women, independents and moderate Republicans in her district.

Will Estrada clearly knows that behind closed doors she agrees with Donald Trump’s dangerous positions that attack women, immigrants, disabled people and so many others. A BBC story quotes him as saying: Barbara is doing what a lot of voters are doing – they support the principles that Donald Trump stands for as a Republican but they’re still making up their minds.”

“Barbara Comstock’s support for Donald Trump’s principles and extreme positions that harm women, immigrants and working families is no longer a question,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC. “While that is a disturbing truth for the people of Northern Virginia, they also must ask why Barbara Comstock is hiding the ball and deceiving them about where she stands on Trump’s caustic campaign for president. Barbara Comstock has proven a master manipulator and this is not the leadership that her constituents deserve.”


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