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Trump Comes to Comstock’s District, Insults Students, Local Economy, Still Has Her Support


From the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign:

Comstock Continues Her “Wink and Nod” Support for GOP Nominee Amid Attacks on Her Constituents 

McLean – Yesterday, Donald Trump campaigned in Rep. Barbara Comstock’s home district, where he attacked the local economy, caused a Muslim valedictorian to say she was “scared” for the first time to be in her school, insulted veterans awarded the Purple Heart, and kicked a baby out of his rally.

Rep. Comstock’s response? Continued support for the GOP nominee. As Wall Street Journal columnist Brett Stephens described as a “wink-and-nod” support for Trump, “It will not do for Republicans to say they denounce Mr. Trump’s personal slanders; his nativism and protectionism and isolationism; his mendacity and meanness and crassness; his disdain for constitutional protections—and still campaign for his election.”

With a more than 30-year career in Republican politics, first as a GOP Congressional aide, then at the RNC as an opposition researcher and the Bush administration, and now as a Republican elected official, Rep. Comstock will continue to support the party line by voting for the GOP nominee.

Below is a roundup of the news Donald Trump made while in Loudoun, none of which pushed Rep. Comstock out of the “quietly support Trump” column.

From Washington Post, When Trump rallied at her high school, this Muslim valedictorian spoke up, felt targeted

“It was an eye-opening experience for [18-year-old Briar Woods High School valedictorian Azeeza] Hasan, who said she has been mostly insulated from attacks on her faith in Northern Virginia and on the Briar Woods campus. She knew Islamophobia is out there — ‘we see it on the Internet,’ she said — but she had never experienced it herself.

“But Tuesday, ‘for the first time, I was scared to be at my school.’”

From The Daily Beast, “Trump Tells Virginia Town It’s Failing, Cites the Wrong Place

“[Trump] then listed a number of factory closures, including Ball Corp., which was five hours away in Bristol, as far from Loudoun as you can get without leaving the state. And he mentioned the closure of a Smithfield Foods Inc.

“’Anybody used to work for Smithfield?’ he asked the crowd.

“It’s almost certain none of them did. The Smithfield plant that closed was in Hampton Roads, Virginia—three hours from Ashburn, in the southeast corner of the state.”

From Politico, “Trump: ‘I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier’

“’And I said, Man, that’s like big stuff. I always wanted to get the Purple Heart,’ Trump said. ‘This was much easier.’”

From CNN, “Trump: ‘You can get the baby out of here’

“’Actually I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here,’ he said to laughs. ‘I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking. That’s OK. People don’t understand. That’s OK.’”

“Donald Trump stormed in Loudoun, insulting veterans, a Muslim-American high school valedictorian, the entire Loudoun business community, and even a baby, yet still can count on Rep. Barbara Comstock’s vote,” Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said. “Our opponent had a perfect opportunity to show leadership by renouncing her support for him amid his attacks on her constituents. She refused, continuing instead her ‘wink-and-nod’ support for Trump, a charade the diverse, moderate voters of the 10th see right through.”




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