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Virginia’s Diverse Leaders Reject Donald Trump’s Normalization of Hate


From the Clinton campaign. I’d just add that Virginians need to send a strong message by resoundingly rejecting Trump’s bigotry, anger, ignorance and conspiracy theorizing on November 8.

Today, diverse leaders from across the Commonwealth rejected Donald Trump’s troubling history of hateful rhetoric and his campaign’s embrace of extremism and the disturbing “alt-right” political philosophy. Following Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday outlining the dangers of Trump’s embrace of this dangerous ideology, leaders from Virginia’s African American, Muslim, Latino and AAPI communities joined together to condemn Trump’s divisive rhetoric and dystopian view of America.

While Clinton and Tim Kaine believe in an inclusive America that is stronger together, Trump has repeatedly disrespected and insulted communities of color. Take a look at what these diverse leaders in Virginia had to say:

“African Americans know the real Donald Trump. The man who has disrespected and insulted our community throughout his entire career,” said Senator Louise Lucas. “His record includes questioning the citizenship of the first African American president, courting white supremacists, and being sued for housing discrimination against communities of color.”

“As a Muslim American, Trump has made me feel threatened and unwelcome,” said Yasmine Taeb. “Over and over again, Trump perpetuates bigotry and xenophobia in this country.”

“As Trump makes a desperate attempt to appeal to minority communities in the face of bad polls, Latino voters won’t forget the hatred he has spewed in our direction or the policies he has embraced that would harm us,” said former Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada. “We have to stand up and tell the world that America is still a nation of immigrants – and of values – by rejecting Donald Trump’s hate-filled candidacy.”

“There is so much at stake in this election,” said Martinsville Vice Mayor Jennifer Bowles. “We cannot afford to allow Donald Trump to take us back to a time when women were treated as second-class citizens.”

“Donald Trump fails to understand that our nation’s diversity makes us great. And that immigrants refresh the entrepreneurial vitality that fuels America’s leadership in innovation. AAPI Virginians will stand in solidarity with fellow minority communities and everyone who rejects Trump’s divisive candidacy that has embraced bigotry and fueled xenophobic extremism,” said AAPI activist and Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia member Wesley Joe.

“It’s both offensive and false that Trump stereotypes the entire African American community as impoverished, uneducated, and unemployed,” said Fredericksburg small business owner Deirdre White. “He’s been too busy insulting our communities to spend time coming up with plans that would strengthen them.”


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