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Yet Another Poll Has Clinton Up Big (50%-38%) in Virginia


Another day, another poll – this time by Quinnipiac University, which I have generally felt has had a pro-Republican “lean” this election cycle – shows Hillary Clinton up big time in Virginia over Donald Trump. And that’s before Trump’s latest fiasco, bringing in one of the top loons at loony-tunes Breitbart “News” to be his “chief executive” (whatever that means). Hard to see how that move will help Trump, other than with his most rabid supporters, and even there…we’ll see.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the “Q-Poll.”

  • Clinton is romping in Virginia among: women (+25 points), non-whites (+52 points), Democrats (+89 points). She’s leading narrowly (+6 points) among independents.
  • For his part, Trump is narrowly winning among white voters (+7 points) and by a wide margin among Republicans (+66 points).
  • The vast majority (85%) of likely voters have their minds made up, while only 12% say they could change their mind before the election. Not good for Trump.
  • 19% for some crazy reason have a strongly favorable view of the utterly unqualified, fascistic, bigoted demagogue. 56% have a strongly UNfavorable view of the creep.
  • Those numbers aren’t great for Hillary Clinton either, but they’re better than Trump’s, at 28% strongly favorable to 41% strongly unfavorable.
  • 61% of Trump voters say the main reason they are voting for him is because they oppose Clinton. Only 23% of Trump voters say they like him. Again, it’s not great among Clinton voters but it’s better than for Trump, with 32% saying they like Clinton and 44% saying the mostly oppose Trump.
  • Barack Obama gets strongly favorable marks in Virginia, at 56%-39% (+17 points). Michelle Obama gets even higher scores, at 66%-22%. Seriously, how can even 22% of Virginia voters not view Michelle Obama favorably? Boggles the mind…
  • Bill Clinton has a modestly net-positive rating in Virginia, at 51%-41% favorable.
  • Most Virginia voters somehow claim to not have enough information about Melania Trump to state whether they are favorably or unfavorably inclined towards her. Among those who say that they DO have enough information, it’s basically a wash, at 23% favorable-21% unfavorable for the wife of the dangerous narcissistic sociopath, conspiracy theorist and corrupt/failed businessman.

Of course, Trump and his enablers, sycophants, etc. will claim that this poll, like all the other ones showing him trailing Clinton, are “skewed” or whatever. But of course they’re not, just as Obama and Clinton aren’t the “founders” of ISIS (in fact, Obama’s busy kicking their sorry asses), just as America already IS great (I know that comes as a disappointment to Trump and all his fans who love tearing down our country), just as…you name the debunked Trump Big Lie.


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