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Top-Rated Comments on WaPo’s 10th CD Story Sum It Up About Tea Partier Barbara Comstock


The top-rated comments on In Northern Virginia, GOP congresswoman fights the Trump factor in this morning’s Washington Post sum it up very well about Barbara Comstock. Here are the top few.

  • 23 likes: “Comstock is a tea party Republican, supporting an anti-choice, pro gun, obstruct everything in the House of Representatives. Time to say good-by to the do nothing TP’s in Congress who have delayed recovery, especially for the working/middle classes. Elect LuAnn Bennett.”
  • 19 likes: “One problem Barbara may have are her views on women’s issues (my neighbor says that she is pretty far out there on the right).  Lots of folks in her district may prefer that the government keep its nose out of family issues.”
  • 18 likes: “Comstock takes money from the bloody gun lobby—thousands of dollars to her campaign this year only. In Virginia’s General Assembly she voted to repeal an anti-gunrunning law popularly known as the one [hand]gun a month law—two weeks after Roanoke Times reported that in a poll of Virginia two of every three told Roanoke College they wanted the law to remain in force.”
  • 18 likes: “Failing to repudiate Trump is tacit support for Trump and all his misinformed, misogynistic, and racist ‘ideas.'”
  • 14 likes: “Trump gets a large portion of his power from people who do not support him outwardly, but fail to repudiate him and all of his ugly views toward women, and everyone else. Barbara, not clearly stating that Trump is wrong and not clearly stating that you will never support him means that tacitly, you will.”

On and on it goes…but I think you get the picture. On November 8th, the choice for 10th CD voters couldn’t be clearer: LuAnn Bennett for Congress over “anti-choice, pro gun, obstruct everything in the House of Representatives” Barbara Comstock.


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