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Audio: Donald McEachin says “environment is the most important issue going forward in the 21st century”


The national corporate media can’t seem to figure out that climate change, energy and the environment are absolutely crucial issues facing humanity and every other species, but in the Virginia 4th CD debate last night, discussion of these topics probably took up close to one-fifth of the hour. Check it out, as Democrat Donald McEachin knocks the questions out of the ballpark (e.g., great answers, spot on), while Republican Mike Wade – the same guy who thinks that people who get shot by police were going to jail anyway (!!!!) – is utterly clueless.

McEachin: “As far as committees are concerned…I would like to serve on Energy and Commerce, the reason being that I think the environment is the most important issue going forward in the 21st century…every issue that we vote on ought to be judged with the environment in mind.”

McEachin: “There’s no doubt that climate change is a problem, there’s no doubt that it’s man-made…that’s what our scientists have told us…Technology is the problem with coal; it’s outdated, it’s old, and we need to move on to new technologies, clean technologies, to make sure we hand our children a better world.”

McEachin: “No [to offshore oil drilling] for so many reasons. Number one, it’s not environmentally safe…The longer we depend on fossil fuels, the longer it will take us to get to…clean energy, and that needs to be our #1 priority. Right now, we’re faced with a world that is…on a tipping point when it comes to the environment…So no I don’t support offshore drilling. And in addition…if you understand where the military’s coming from, they’ve said no, no, no, they don’t want it, they don’t want to clog up our sea lanes with oil rigs…it would hurt Hampton Roads…it is a bad idea and it needs to go away.”


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