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A Few Smart Comments About the Debate by Facebook Friends I Thought Worth Sharing


A few smart comments about last night’s slimefest by Donald Trump, and the election more generally, courtesy of some smart Facebook friends of mine…

“1) He never smiled.
2) He never answered a question he was asked, until the final one.
3) He interrupted constantly.
4) He loomed behind her as she spoke, as if to intimidate her.
5) He sniffed constantly, suggesting some type of health issue.
6) He called his opponent the devil.
7) He threatened to imprison his opponent if he wins an election.”

“It’s not an October surprise, Trump really truly excruciatingly is that handsy asshole on the bully bus. Assaultive clowns need not apply for President.”

“So which is scarier? 1) The idea that Donald Trump is using ridiculous dark conspiracy theories he knows to be bullshit to rouse up racism, sexism, hatred, and fear so that he can establish a Putin-like dictatorship in America? or 2) The idea that Donald Trump really doesn’t have the mental/emotional capacity beyond a fourth grader to understand that these crazy conspiracy theories are actually objectively ridiculous lies?”

“This was a very specific threat to use the Justice Department to prosecute and jail her. Do we want somebody that thin skinned to be in charge of the FBI, CIA, the NSA, and the Justice Department?”

“Finally the ageist misogyny is named. It you hate Hillary so much that you would pick a racist, sexist, authoritarian bully, whom most national security experts have publicly called unfit, over her it might be because you actually are one of the ageist misogynists. Maybe not, but at least, in privacy, please consider that possibility.”

“Far from being a winning winner, the Trump is a whining whiner! “Oh, now it’s 3 on 1. Oh, she got 25 more seconds than me… Oh, you didn’t ask her that question…” bla bla bla Seriously, how anyone can think that a whiner like this is going to make America great again is beyond me. The bully emperor has no clothes. And a short temper… ”

“What kind of man promises to punish a political opponent if he gains high office? A tyrant. This is a dark, desperate man.”

“Perfect outcome! No errors from HRC and Trump does just enough to block GOP efforts to nominate a replacement.”

“Most surreal debate ever. You can’t have a functioning democracy with one candidate saying they will lock up the other if they are elected. The American Experiment was nice while it lasted.”

“Only one candidate maintained their dignity tonight.”

“Raise your hand if this is giving you an ulcer” (yes, it made me ill to watch Trump last night – or any night, really)

“So proud of @HillaryClinton tonight, as she stood her ground against the sleaziest, most vile attacks in debate history.”

“Thank GOD that’s over. I’m exhausted. So much bullying crammed into such a small period. Good job keeping your head, Hillary! Very proud of you!”

“In the second presidential debate Trump didn’t just brag about using his power for vengeance. He promised it.”

“Trump wins and this is the last election we ever have. No question at this point”

“I have no idea what happens next in the election. Since the late winter, I’ve been saying that the GOP would abandon Trump, engage in some sort of circular firing squad, then make a last ditch effort to turnout Republicans through some sort of weird write-in campaign. And in doing so, they’d trigger a death spiral of depression, cratering GOP turnout. We seem to be heading in that direction. But how far do we go? How many Republicans show up to split tickets between Non-Trump and a downticket candidate. How many Trump supporters withhold their support from downticket races? How many Trump supporters dont bother to show up, feeling spurned? I have no idea. But the baseline for Clinton right now is about 350 EVs and 51 Senate seats with a pickup of 20 seats in the House.”

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