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Petition to End Child Labor on Tobacco Farms in Virginia


Nice work by Virginia Del. Alfonso Lopez on this issue. As the Washington Post article describesit’s a truly unfortunate situation.  Please sign the petition if you want to help change it. Thanks.

SIGN THE PETITION  Sign this petition to tell members of the General Assembly that you support Delegate Lopez’s legislation to end child labor in Virginia tobacco fields.

Enough is enough. It’s time that we end this dangerous practice in the Commonwealth and protect some of our most vulnerable Virginians.

The Washington Post’s story highlights the terrible working conditions that these children endure including heat exhaustion, nicotine poisoning, and exposure to pesticides. The article also discusses Delegate Lopez’s legislative efforts to address this situation in Virginia.

Without legislation, Tobacco farmers are not going to take this issue seriously and children like Eddie and Fernando will continue to fall through the cracks.

Children should not be doing our most dangerous jobs. If you agree, fill out the petition below to tell the Virginia General Assembly to take action next year during the 2017 Legislative Session.

Together – we can end child labor on Virginia tobacco farms.

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