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D.J. Ducker the Duck to Continue Hunt for Trump’s Tax Returns Outside VP Debate


From Americans United for Change…memories of “Jerry the Duck” from 2005, lol. 


Farmville, VA – Donald Trump raised eyebrows during the first presidential debate when he bragged “That makes me smart” after Hillary Clinton noted that the few tax returns of his ever to surface publicly showed he didn’t pay a dime in federal income taxes. Why Trump was proud to have paid less in taxes than the plumbers and painters he stiffed became even more of a head-scratcher when the New York Times obtained Trump’s tax return from 1995 that showed he reported nearly a billion dollars in losses that year, attributed to his badly mismanaged ventures in the casino, airline and hotel industries.

This was such a tremendous loss that, tax experts believe, it could have allowed the alleged “highly skilled businessman” to pay nothing in taxes in the 18 years that followed. ‘Where there’s smoke there’s fire’ quacked D.J. Ducker the Duck, who’s traveled to Trump Tower and the Trump International Hotel in pursuit of Trump’s tax returns. In continued hunt for answers to whether Trump has paid any taxes this decade or if he is even a fraction of the successful businessman he claims to be, D.J. Ducker will camp out in front of the Vice-Presidential debate, ready and available to accept a copy of Trump’s tax returns from a member of the Trump-Pence staff.


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