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Legal Counsel for Bennett Campaign Orders TV, Radio Stations to Pull False and Defamatory NRCC Ad


From the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign:

McLean – Today, legal counsel for the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign issued a challenge letter to all radio and television stations airing a demonstrably false National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) advertisement, “Parking Lot,” against LuAnn Bennett. A sample letter can be found here; Exhibit A referenced in the letter can be found here; Exhibit B here.

Earlier today, the Bennett campaign released a web ad from former Washington Redskin Brig Owens in which he offered a personal testimonial rebutting the false NRCC claims.

“Barbara Comstock’s allies at the NRCC purposefully ran a false, misleading, and deceptive ad despite clear evidence that LuAnn and her partners fully kept their promises. The partnership’s development brought a grocery store to a food desert and established a $3 million education fund to support the local community,” Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said.“Comstock, who made her name tearing down the character of her political opponents and is personally directing her smear campaign, is now resorting to false accusations to save her political skin.”


EXCLUSIVE: Errant email reveals Rep. Comstock’s political strategist side, Loudoun Times Mirror, 8/3/16

“Just before 11 a.m., Comstock sent an email with the subject line “we really need to blast this around” to her deputy chief of staff, Jeff Marschner, and a regional press secretary for the NRCC, Chris Pack. Neither email was sent using an official government address. The congresswoman’s note directs a media play against her Democratic challenger, LuAnn Bennett.”


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