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LuAnn Bennett Carries Momentum and Lead in Polls to Clear Debate Win


From the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign. I’ll post video of this morning’s debate if and when it’s available (C-Span apparently was there, hopefully will post it soon), but based on the tweets coming from Republicans this morning, it doesn’t look like Barbara Comstock had anything to say other than nonsense, right-wing talking points, and her usual blather. In contrast, LuAnn Bennett was serious and substantive, exactly what you’d want in a Congresswoman.

Bennett Carries Momentum and Lead in Polls to Clear Debate Win

Bennett Holds Comstock Accountable on Do-Nothing Congress, Her Shared Agenda with Donald Trump

After Worst Stretch of 2016 Cycle, Comstock’s Struggles Continue with her Worst Debate Performance

McLean – Small businesswoman and Democratic challenger LuAnn Bennett was the clear winner in this morning’s debate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional debate.

Bennett held Barbara Comstock accountable for her record and shared agenda with Trump, including voting against Metro funding, equal pay, and women’s health, and opposing comprehensive immigration reform.

From her opening statement, Comstock only offered floundering attacks on LuAnn’s character, her business background and her support for equal pay laws – which Comstock has repeatedly voted against – in an attempt to right her sinking ship.

“If anyone was unsure who was trailing in the polls heading into today’s debate, Barbara Comstock’s wild attacks against LuAnn painted a clear picture,” Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said. “Comstock just had her worst stretch the 2016 race at the worst possible time. Today it showed. While LuAnn was confident, poised and knowledgeable on issue after issue, Comstock bounced between flailing attacks on LuAnn’s character and awkward defenses of the issues she shares with Donald Trump, including opposing comprehensive immigration reform, blocking equal pay laws, and denying climate change.”

LuAnn’s strongest points came when she held Comstock accountable for being part of a majority that doesn’t pass budgets and refuses to fully fund the bills they pass, and for holding onto her shared agenda with Donald Trump, which is at odds with her constituents.

  • What has the Republican Majority Done? Comstock continues to believe that being in the majority is a positive for her, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans disapproving of the Republican Congress. LuAnn repeatedly pointed out that all the Republican majority has done is block legislation and every attempt to move our country forward.
  • How Are You Going to Pay for It? Again, Comstock touted bills she passed – but refused to tell voters that she refuses to fully fund those bills. LuAnn held her accountable, asking Comstock what good are bills – like much needed bills addressing opioid, Zika, and infrastructure spending – if you won’t put any funding behind them.
  • Exposing the Comstock and Trump’s Shared Agenda. In the closing question and interviews afterward, LuAnn pointed out that while Comstock may have dumped Trump the candidate, she hasn’t dumped the agenda she shares with him. Both Donald Trump and Barbara Comstock:

o   Support overturning Roe v. Wade [Trump: USA Today, 5/11/16; Comstock: MSNBC, 7/29/14]

o   Support defunding Planned Parenthood [Trump: TPM, 10/12/15; Comstock: Comstock Press Release, 9/30/15

o   Oppose comprehensive immigration reform [Trump: Trump Campaign Website, accessed 10/18/16; Comstock: Loudoun Tribune, 9/28/16

o   Oppose Equal Pay for women and families [Trump: Fusion, 10/12/15; Comstock: MSNBC, 10/18/12]

o   Deny that climate change exists [Trump: Trump Campaign Website, accessed 10/18/16; Comstock: Comstock for Congress, accessed 10/18/16]

o   Oppose common sense measures to prevent gun violence [Trump: Trump Campaign Website, accessed 10/18/16; Comstock: Comstock for Congress, accessed 10/18/16]

o   Oppose marriage equality [TrumpPolitifact, 8/14/16; Comstock: Loudoun Times, 10/4/16]

o   Support repealing Obamacare [Trump: Trump Campaign Website, accessed 10/18/16; Comstock: Comstock for Congress, accessed 10/18/16]

o   Support right to work laws [Trump: Washington Times, 2/23/16; Comstock: Comstock for Congress, accessed 10/18/16]


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