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Man-Up Brat!


By David Reuther, Culpeper County Democratic Committee First Vice Chair

David Brat’s Facebook statement on Trump’s latest foul language utterances shows him parroting Trump’s weak defense and underscores why he is a member of a minority caucus in the House.

After Trump’s latest transgression, respected, elected Republican leaders from all over the country vow to not vote for Trump.  They are joined by Republican newspapers and other media outlets.  Such a massive rejection of a major party’s candidate has never happened in modern American history.

Yet Brat weakly writes “the left and the press is now in full attack mode claiming Trump’s unethical remarks are disqualifying…”  The junior congressman from Virginia is labeling John McCain, decorated veteran, Senator, and presidential candidate, and other Republican senators, congressmen, and governors as part of the Left!?  Sounds like Brat accepts Trump’s sneer that McCain was not a war hero and seems to confirm that alt-right money has captured him.

Brat’s says Trump’s unethical remarks are not disqualifying? Is this how you lead America to become the highest, the best, the most noble version of itself? For a divinity student Brat seems to have a low bar for Republican ethics.  At what point do we get maturity, dignity and stature from Trump, or Brat for that matter?  His challenger, Eileen Bedell, BedellforVirginia, a lawyer and a mother, has a better grasp of good and evil than Brat who continues to stick with Trump through thick and thin.  #90for90



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