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Video: My Favorite Moment From the Richmond “Mayorathon” (Hint: Levar Stoney and Joe Morrissey “Fist Bump”)


With the Richmond Mayor’s race coming down the home stretch, on Thursday evening the seven candidates gathered in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Leslie Cheek Theater for “Mayorathon 2016.” See Richmond Magazine for their “Field Notes” from the debate, including that Jon Baliles had a “strong showing,” Lawrence Williams had his “best performance of the campaign,” etc. Personally, my favorite moment was this “team of rivals” question, which Levar Stoney answered as follows: “Well you know since we’re going to get rid of the police detail, if I needed someone to be my bodyguard, I’d probably pick Joe Morrissey (laughter, FIST BUMP).” I also found Joe Morrissey’s response to be interesting from a strategic perspective (a clear shot at Morrissey’s main rival, Jack Berry): “That’s easy, I would pick Jonathan Baliles; he had the courage to stand up when few did and oppose the Ballpark in the Bottom, it was a courageous position.” I think Jack Berry’s response was smart as well, reaching out to supporters of Michelle Mosby, who doesn’t pose a threat to him. Same thing with Jon Baliles, hoping perhaps to pick up some of Mosby’s supporters…

P.S. If you’re interested, check out the entire debate here.

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