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Video: At Press Conference, LuAnn Bennett & Female Community Leaders Ask Barbara Comstock: “Where Were You When Trump Attacked Us?”


I just got back from a press conference at LuAnn Bennett for Congress HQ in McLean, at which a diverse coalition of female community leaders and VA-10 residents strongly questioned why Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) failed to renounced her party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, for months as he viciously attacked Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans, and women (among others). As the Bennett campaign correctly points out: “While offering mild rebukes, Barbara Comstock’s chief response to all of Trump’s previous statements was to say that she was ‘watching’ and that he could still ‘earn her vote.’ What Comstock was clearly “watching” for was how best to preserve her own political career.” In short, the ONLY reason Comstock finally ditched Trump, four weeks before Election Day, was because she’s increasingly panicked about losing her seat, NOT about the ethics, morality, etc. of the horrible things Trump has said and done…

With that, here’s some video from: 1) LuAnn Bennett, on how Barbara Comstock’s distancing herself from Trump is far from an act of political courage, but instead is a last-ditch effort to save her own political career; 2) Sadaf Iqbal on Comstock not ditching Trump as he stoked bigotry against Muslim-Americans; 3) Danitza Vasquez Ribera Torrico on Comstock sticking with Trump even after he claimed (falsely) that Latino immigrants are “bringing crime” and that they are “rapists” and other horrible things; 4) Thelma Dodson on Comstock apparently being okay with Trump claiming he didn’t know who David Duke is, saying “lots of racist and bigoted things,” etc.; and 5) Liz Miller on Comstock standing by as Trump repeatedly demeaned women (e.g., “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” etc.) and only breaking with him when it was far “too late” — because Comstock agrees with Trump on the vast majority of issues.

I’ve also included video of LuAnn Bennett thanking these “brave women” for speaking out against Trump/Comstock, and blasting Comstock for her “lack of leadership” on Trump and his bigoted and hateful rhetoric. Now, let’s all do everything we can to elect LuAnn Bennett as the new, infinitely improved Congresswoman from Virginia’s 10th CD!

Bennett: “What remains true is that Barbara Comstock and Donald Trump share the same reckless agenda. An agenda that is a stark contrast to the agenda I am running on. Barbara Comstock and Donald Trump share positions on many issues like women’s health, immigration, equal pay, climate change, and gun safety. These positions are out of step with Northern Virginia.”

Iqbal: “Barbara Comstock has said she’s been watching, but when Donald Trump attacked me and my community, she stood silently with him … now she wants to renounce Donald Trump, but for me, it’s too late”

Ribera Torrico: “That’s why I’m voting for LuAnn Bennett. She is a leader and has always been, and will stand up for me. I am proud to be a Hispanic and American citizen.”

Dodson: “Barbara Comstock does not listen to what the people in the 10th district have to say, and I know that LuAnn Bennett will do the things we need to make this Loudoun county a great place”

Miller: “Where was she when he talked about ranking women on their looks? Where was she when he attacked Meghan Kelly for asking questions at a debate, like she should?”

“You were silent because you agree with him. You both oppose equal pay for equal work, and you both oppose a women’s right to choose and make their own healthcare decisions.”


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