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Friday News: Massive Russian Propaganda Effort Aided Trump; “The Lawsuit Presidency”; “The Populism Perplex”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, November 25.

  • Quizzical

    I don’t see that anything good is going to come of Jill Stein’s recount, other than giving a herd of election law lawyers a good workout. I mean, absent witnesses who testify that they tampered with voting machines or saw others doing it, what have you got? Nothing. The criticism of the Diebold machines has been that there is no paper trail that can be used to perform an actual recount. But we’ll see. It will be some good experience for the legal teams, and that is worth something, seriously — because you know there is going to be a next time, and soon.

    I don’t know what we can do about Russian disinformation or fake news. It’s occurred to me that it’s not going to be switched on and off just for our elections. Why would it? It’s going to be continuous. Just this morning, I scanned The Drudge Report to see what the right is talking about today, and a link in the top left corner was to Sputnik International. The link was placed there because – why else – the story was critical of US foreign policy in Syria. Whereas the Russians have been bringing peace and harmony to Syria.

    • And giving Jill Stein, who de facto helped elect Donald Trump and lead our country to ruin, more publicity and money. Crazy.

  • True Blue

    The four D’s in ‘The Kremlin Would be Proud of Trump’s Propaganda’ –

    *Dismiss – plays well with Trump’s supporters, who are already inclined to distrust the mainstream media,
    *Distract – throw out distracting stories or counterclaims,
    *Distort – if you don’t like the facts, invent your own,
    *Dismay – The ultimate purpose of all this—the 4Ds, the phony news stories, and the trolls and bots that amplify them—isn’t so much to prove a particular set of facts, but rather to distort information so that no one knows what to believe. This uncertainty benefits the propaganda pusher, whether it is Trump or the Kremlin.

    “Create enough doubt for everything so that when the proof comes it is washed in the same disdain for all alleged truth.”


    • Quizzical

      I can’t help wondering why the Russians would want Trump to win. After all, Trump wants a big increase in US defense spending, as do the Republicans in Congress.

      • Because he’s a “useful idiot,” incompetent buffoon – the exact opposite of President Obama, by the way – who they believe will help further their interests and contribute to the destruction of the West?

        • Quizzical

          Maybe. Yet, it is hard for me to imagine that the Russians could be pleased by any scenario in which the US undertakes a massive military buildup. Maybe they assumed that Trump’s promises to rebuild the military was merely bluster. But I think a huge defense bill is one of the most likely things that Trump will get done, since Congress loves defense pork.

          So I thought the Russians may have miscalculated.

      • Robert Reich just wrote on his Facebook page: “So, did Russia hack into the election in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin? More basically, why has Putin been so eager to get Trump elected? My guess: To end NATO. That’s the heart of the deal.”

        • Quizzical

          If NATO ends, then would Germany decide it needs to build up its military to deter the Russians? Probably it would. My guess is that the Russians would not want that.

      • True Blue

        So much information is coming out after-the-fact, post-election, when seemingly nothing can be done to reverse course. Why weren’t media covering these and other stories earlier?; because there had to be some semblance of “fair and balanced” so t.v. personalities just kept inviting the ‘talk, talk, talk’ Trump propaganda surrogates on ad nauseam? Thank goodness for the Eichenwald and Farenthold print reporting, as well as others.


        “It’s a uniquely Republican thing, this notion of meddling in foreign affairs with no official role to play, solely for the purpose of undermining foreign policy in hot spots around the world. And of course it’s Russia. This time, Donald “Uday” Trump, Jr. is the guy who went to France to have a “discussion” with Russian businessmen (aka oligarchs), diplomats and officials about a “Syrian solution.””

        “Meddling in foreign policy by sending Junior Trump to talk about Syria with Russia after the Obama administration terminated talks with them? That’s not just subversion. It’s something more. Something darker. Something almost predictable, given past history.”

        “Did Russia scuttle talks with Secretary of State John Kerry because they were speaking to Trump, while assisting him in his election bid? It seems so.”

        “Just as Nixon did in 1968.
        Just as Reagan likely did in 1980.
        None dare call it treason. Or do we?”