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Jim Webb is Baaaaaaack…Now Will He Be in Trump’s Cabinet?


I’ll have more to say about this later, but for now, here’s the link to the conference where Jim Webb is/was speaking today. Also, check out the tweets below about Webb’s speech. I was wondering when he’d pop up again, given that he’s been silent for many months now – literally not a word on his Facebook or Twitter pages, in the media, etc.

P.S. I actually hope that Webb DOES end up in Trump’s cabinet, maybe as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State, as no matter what else he is, the fact is that he’s super-smart and knowledgeable about national security, foreign policy, etc. He’d also be INFINITELY better than Giuliani or any of the other horror shows I’ve heard mentioned so far.

Jim Webb – New rules: Presidents should be able to explain clearly why they are intervening abroad
 Jim Webb – intervention in Libya involved no American treaties or interests but Obama, McCain and Hillary wanted it.
 Jim Webb: Trump election is an opportunity to redefine our goals and principles in foreign policy
 Jim Webb says current attempt to censor Thomas Jefferson from UVA shows how disconnected Democrats are from reality
 Jim Webb says Democratic Party abandoned white working people like those in KY in America’s poorest counties
 Jim Webb says when he ran for Senate the Democratic Party held a school telling candidates how to appeal to voters as groups
 Jim Webb says draft exemptions during Vietnam for those who could go to college created an elite but disconnected political class
 Jim Webb salutes Trump for tenacity and uniqueness.
 Jim Webb: We now know a hardwired elite controls or influences our media and other institutions.

Webb never answered the question about whether he’d consider serving in Trump admin
Random questioner says there’s a rumor going around that Webb IS being considered for SecDef, asks Webb if he’d do it. Webb filibusters
Webb won’t say who he voted for. “My vote is my business. This is America.”

 Lot of Webb’s talking points match up quite well with objections to Bolton made by Rand Paul today
 Webb says UVA/Jefferson “is sort of orwellian to me … you can’t constantly reinvent your history to reshape it for the issues today.”
 Webb now hammering affirmative action, saying poor whites in Appalachia are not wrong to see this as “reverse discrimination”
 Jim Webb: “I would like to salute Donald Trump for his tenacity and for the uniqueness of his campaign.”
@jonward11 And when you think about it, Jim Webb makaes a helluva lot more sense than Giuliani for SecDef
– “Jim Webb is speaking at GW now. Man who introduces him says Trump should pick Webb as SecDef or Sec of State”


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