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This Second Comey Communication Matters


So FBI Director James Comey has now come forward and said, in essence, that they’ve completed the review (announced so unfelicitously in Comey’s notorious letter to Congress), and that Hillary is basically in the clear. The decision that prosecution is not called for has been affirmed.

I believe this matters. It matters less, I think, in terms of how many votes Hillary will get on Tuesday, though there could be a bit of that. More important is that it matters in changing the mood. A shadow that Comey unwisely cast over the presidential race in its final days has now been dispelled.

That changes the feel, the climate of our glide path to Election Day.

Yes, the battle against those determine to demonize and criminalize Hillary will still have to be waged. This is not the end of the Republicans’ attempts to discredit her, and rob her of her presidential powers.

But we can go into Election Day with a bit less burdened brow, and a sunnier sense of possibility. Less bull determination to vanquish the SOBs, and more celebration of what we have good reason to hope will be, come Tuesday night, an important victory.

The spirit plays a role in human affairs.


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