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Sunday News: “I’m With Her!”; Clinton “Appears to Gain Late Momentum on Surge of Latino Voters”; “Roar”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, November 6. Yep, just two more days and hopefully we’ll be done with the national embarrassment and nightmare known as “Trump for President.” Ugh. Also check out Hillary Clinton’s superb ad, “Roar.”

  • Video: Tim Kaine jams with Jon Bon Jovi


  • In Ft. Myers, Sarasota, and Together With Jon Bon Jovi in St. Petersburg, Tim Kaine Urges Floridians to Vote For A Country Where We Are Stronger Together

    Today in Florida, vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine made stops at canvass-kickoffs in both Ft. Meyers and Sarasota, Florida, and delivered remarks at a GOTV concert with award-winning artist Jon Bon Jovi in St. Petersburg.

    Senator Kaine urged Floridians to make their voices heard in this high-stakes election, to ensure we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and send a message to the world that, as Bon Jovi told the crowd, “Love trumps hate. Remember that come Tuesday, ‘love trumps hate.'”

    Kaine lauded the record high early vote turnout in Florida and urged others who have yet to cast their ballots to do so. Quoting Bon Jovi’s ‘Because We Can’ Kaine stressed the importance of every vote in this election. “We’re not just waves in the ocean, folks. And we’re not just grains of sand. We’ve got power, politically and nobody more than than in Florida. If you put your votes behind Hillary Clinton it is done. She will be president. She will be president,” Kaine said.

    Kaine’s remarks in St. Petersburg as transcribed, are below:

    “Yes, sir. Thank you. How are you guys tonight? This is pretty cool, don’t you think Absolutely. And I told Jon and his fans there’s a huge overflow crowd outside, too, who are so excited to see him and ‘Oh, well. Tim Kaine might be there, too.’ But they are here for this guy.

    What a dream to be with that guy in St. Petersburg in Pinellas and Hillsborough County. Had a chance earlier to visit with your mayor, Mayor Kriseman. Give him a round of applause, with your next congressman, my friend – we were Governors together – Charlie Crist. Give Charlie a round and with your next U.S. senator, Patrick Murphy. Yeah.

    I am really, really excited to be here with Jon. I’ve met him once before, but he has been so helpful to Hillary Clinton or, as he calls her, Mrs. C, for a very long time. He’s been such a good friend. He’s also an appointee of President Obama’s on a national commission to focus on community solutions. You guys know this is a person who has deep, deep values, not just an artist. And, look, in some ways, art and politics are connected like this. We all realize there’s a gulf between what is and what could be. And that is where art happens. And that’s where politics happens. And that’s where faith and spirituality happens. If we were everything we could be as individuals or as a society, we might not need any of it, but we know that we can be better as individuals, we can be better as a society, and that’s what – as an artist and as a person.

    I’ll also say I’m a huge fan of his music. He has one of the best – one of the best – one of the best political songs of all time. If you know the song ‘Because We Can,’ you know this line, ‘I don’t want to be another wave in the ocean. I’m a rock, not just another grain of sand.’ We’ve not just waves in the ocean, folks, and we’re not just grains of sand. We’ve got power. We’ve got power politically and nobody more than in Florida. If you put your votes behind Hillary Clinton, it is done. She will be president. She will be president.

    Now, I’m just going to talk for a sec. Florida is really important. And here is a thank you. You guys have already, more than five million of you have already, voted in early voting. That’s astounding. That’s astounding. And if you’re in Hillsborough or Pinellas, you can vote tomorrow, too, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please vote early to keep the momentum going so that Hillary can be successful on Tuesday, the 8th.

    And then I’ll just say this. I’m really honored as a guy who’s been a missionary, a civil rights lawyer, and an elected official since 1994, I am really honored, to be with Hillary. She is, as Jon said and as President Obama has said, the most qualified person to be nominated by a major party for president probably in this country. And that’s exciting.

    But I’ll tell you something else that’s so great. I have – I have run and won eight elections. This is my ninth election. And, oh, by the way, I’m going to be 9 and 0 Tuesday night. I don’t lose. You can beat me in Scrabble. You can beat me at Trivial Pursuit, but I don’t lose elections. I don’t lose elections. But if I’m honest about my political career, I have always been the one with my name on the ballot or the bumper sticker or the yard sign. And it’s always been strong women helping me get done what I need to get done. My wife, Anne, is a great public servant. She sacrificed a lot for me. I’ve had women campaign managers and cabinet secretaries and agency heads and donors and volunteers. Every presidential election since 1964, women have voted in greater numbers than men. I have been able to take advantage of the support of a lot of strong women. And now I’m a strong man playing a supportive role to help a strong woman make history in this country. And we do our best work when we are making history.

    So the last thing I’ll tell you is this. The moment that they call this race for Hilary – we don’t take it for granted. I think it will happen, but we don’t take it for granted – you will have changed history immediately, not even waiting until Inauguration Day. Remember what you did in Florida in 2008. When Florida – when Florida supported President Obama and he got elected, the moment – get this – the moment he was called ‘President,’ a whole group of people in this country, who had never been able to see themselves as president of the United States, suddenly realized, ‘I can be president of the United States. And if I can do that, I can do anything. I can do anything.’ And the same thing – the same thing can happen Tuesday night if we do what we know how to do. The moment that they call it for Hillary Clinton, a whole bunch of people in this country who have never been able to see themselves as president will suddenly know, ‘I can be president of the United States. And if I can be president of the U.S., I can do anything.’ So let’s go make history. And let’s win this race.

    Thank you, Florida. Thank you, Pinellas County. Thank you, Hillsborough. Let’s go win.”

  • Video: Al Franken On Trump’s Anti-Semitic “German Shepherd Whistle” Closing Ad


  • Good to see Al Gore out there again. Would love to see a LOT more of him the next two days…also Elizabeth Warren!

    Vice President Al Gore to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Colorado

    On Monday, November 7, former Vice President Al Gore will campaign in Boulder and Jefferson County for Hillary Clinton. At the events, Gore will discuss the urgent threat posed by climate change and lay out the high stakes of the election.

    Colorado already experiences numerous climate-related disasters, such as droughts, wildfires, and flooding. Further, Colorado’s $13 billion outdoor recreation economy relies on preserving public lands and protecting the environment, which is endangered by a warming climate. Snowmelt and peak runoff have shifted up to four weeks earlier during the last 30 years and projected warming is expected to result in further decline in spring snowpack, earlier snowmelt and runoff, and decreased summer river flows.

    Hillary Clinton knows that climate change is real and has an ambitious plan to fight it. In contrast, Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge climate change’s existence, saying it’s a hoax created by the Chinese.

    Gore will discuss Clinton’s plan to reduce carbon emissions, make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century, create millions of good-paying jobs, and leave our children and grandchildren a safe, healthy planet.

    More voters have voted in Colorado than at this point in 2012, and Gore will urge Coloradans to continue that trend and return their ballots early. Voters can register and vote up through Election Day in Colorado. To find your nearest voting center visit http://www.iwillvote.com

  • Video: Elizabeth Warren campaigns in NH for Hillary Clinton, Maggie Hassan


  • Andy Schmookler

    That new Washington Post/ABC tracking poll has mostly very good news. But there is also this: “Trump maintains a 44 percent to 40 percent edge over Clinton on which candidate is more honest and trustworthy…”

    Absolutely jaw-dropping. Not only have I never seen a candidate so unrestrained in his continuous lying as Donald Trump but, more than that, I have never seen ANYONE so completely dishonest and untrustworthy as Trump.

    So extreme is he that I consulted with four clinical psychologists among my friends and family for insight into how such bountiful, absolutely uninhibited lying can be explained. (The explanations involved two character disorders, both of which seem to fit Trump: narcissistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder.)

    Yet here, the Americans polled picked Trump as the more honest and trustworthy person, over Hillary Clinton. (And as Lowell has pointed out, Politifact found Trump to have lied the most of all candidates, while Hillary lied either least or second least.)

    Doubtless, these figures represent the delusions of Trump’s supporters and are not evenly spread across the American electorate.

    But still…..

  • Video: Tim Kaine Interviwed by John Dickerson On CBS’s “Face the Nation”


  • Video: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Highlights Trump’s Racism And Misogyny As Part Of “The Core Views Of Donald Trump”


  • Video: Mike Pence Stands by Chris Christie 100% Despite Christie’s Role in Bridgegate Scandal


  • Quizzical
  • Bruce Springsteen to Join Hillary Clinton and President Obama at Independence Hall Rally in Philadelphia

    At Rally, Clinton to Make Closing Argument Joined By Springsteen, Her Family, President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Jon Bon Jovi

    At a rally the night before Election Day, Bruce Springsteen will join Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, along with President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi, for a rally on Independence Mall on Monday, November 7.

    With Independence Hall as the backdrop, Springsteen will perform and urge Pennsylvanians to get out and vote for Clinton on Tuesday. Jon Bon Jovi will also perform. Clinton will ask voters to make history on Tuesday by electing her president so she can continue pushing for the American ideals of progress, inclusion, equality and strength that our founders enshrined in our Constitution there in 1787.

    Along with President Obama, she will also lay out how the division and dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump in his campaign make him unqualified, unfit and unworthy to lead this great nation. President Obama will add that voting for Clinton on Tuesday is also a vote to build on the progress made under his presidency, such as protecting and strengthening expanded access to health care including women’s health, advancing LGBT equality, combating climate change, tackling college costs and student debt, expanding the right to vote, and more.

    With more people voting in this election than any in history, Pennsylvanians can visit iwillvote.com to make a plan to vote on Election Day and find important voting information they may need.

  • From Dan Rather:

    A shameful campaign winds up with a shameful final chapter. How fitting. How disappointing. And how rallying it must be for us to strive for a far different national narrative going forward. After bombshell headlines by FBI Director James Comey – it’s, oh nevermind. But we should mind – very much. And we shouldn’t forget.

    I suspect we shall hear a lot of, “oh nevermind” after November 8.

    From GOP supporters of Donald Trump who backed him for a cynical political calculus – they may want to say nevermind. But we should mind – and not forget.

    From far too many of the press who gave Trump an open mic and treated his many serious transgressions with indifference and false equivalence – they may want to say nevermind. But we should mind – and not forget.

    From those who whipped up xenophobia and misogyny in the name of rallying the base – they may want to say nevermind. But we should mind – and not forget.
    From those who suppressed the vote and were called out on it – they may say nevermind. But we should mind – and not forget.

    From those who fanned the flames of lies and persecuted the truth – they may want to say nevermind. But we should mind – and not forget.

    I suspect historians will find fault with many and virtue with few when they look back at this election. But let us not descend into cynicism. The future of this country is indeed at stake. But even with the vote on November 8, the chapters of our American story will be written in ink not yet dry. Our destiny will depend on how we act going forward. Will we buy into the “nevermind” crowd, or will we resolve, together, to demand better of our elected officials, our press, and ourselves?

  • Robert Reich:

    Even if he loses (and I believe he will), Donald Trump has already done incalculable damage to America. He has given bigots permission to vent their rage, legitimized the suppression of voting rights of minorities, undermined public trust in our democracy and incited his followers to reject the outcome of the election, popularized lies about Latinos and Muslims, made it far more difficult to reform our immigration laws, excused the sexual harassment of women, and suggested to our allies they should not count on America. It will take years to undo this damage.

    Trump couldn’t have done this without the help the Republican Party (which failed to denounce him), and the media (which gave him all the airtime he wanted). These enablers bear some of the responsibility for Donald Trump’s poisoning of America.