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Turning Grief into Resolve After Last Night’s Loss


by Frank Anderson, Executive Director of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee

Today is a sad day. What seemed unthinkable last night became a reality.  Here in Virginia we did our part.  I am proud and thankful for those I’ve had the privilege of working with: our amazing volunteers, activists, political leaders, and tireless campaign staff who pulled Virginia across the finish line.

We face an even more uncertain future and the possibility that all the bad elements of the Trump campaign could become somehow validated and normalized – intolerance, resentment, belief in discredited theories, threats of retaliations for political slights, and more.  That’s not to mention the potential for disaster at the policy level.

I truly hope, though, that the national embarrassment which was the Trump campaign does not continue to embarrass us on the world stage as it becomes the Trump Presidency.  For our sakes, for all of America, I hope he rises to the seriousness of the office and can accomplish good things for Americans.

Knowing what Mr. Trump has already said he would do, however, means we must prepare ourselves to fight even harder for equality, for civil rights and for our families.

Hillary Clinton today said, “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”  So here are some things worth fighting for:

  • Supporting the working class and those who struggle to get ahead
  • Defending the rights of immigrants, minorities, Muslims, the LGBT community and people with disabilities
  • Preventing gun violence
  • Protecting voting rights and other civil rights
  • Reversing climate change
  • Respecting women, and putting a stop to abuse and assault

Now more than ever, it’s critically important to stay active and to articulate our values.  Virginia has an election next year for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates.  The legislative session begins in January.  The battle of ideas never stops, and we have the opportunity to influence public opinion and policy in so many ways.  We grieve today, but we get back to work tomorrow.


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