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VA GOP Delegate Submits Legislation to Make Anniversary of Roe v Wade “Day of Tears” in State


Apparently, this is not a joke. Or maybe it’s just a really bad joke. Or maybe it’s right-wing extremists, following the election of Trump/Pence, feeling emboldened? Whatever it is, we all have to fight this crap, whether it takes place in Virginia or nationally. Just appalling.

P.S. Obviously, even if this monstrosity passes the Republican-controlled Virginia General ASSembly, Gov. McAuliffe will veto it. Which should make crystal clear the urgency for Virginia Dems to hold the Governor’s mansion in 2017. Can you imagine a Republican legislature AND a Republican Governor, what kinds of horrific legislation they’d pass into law? DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

P.P.S. An astute reader points out that there’s no way that this legislation could possibly pass, let alone be signed into law, by January 22, 2017. So…in addition to being an extremist, Del. Cline is, well, not the brightest bulb…


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