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Eight Things the Virginia GOP Quietly Killed Last Week


From the Virginia House Dems:

Eight Things the GOP Quietly Killed Last Week

RICHMOND, Va. – In a series of unrecorded voice votes, Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates last week killed the following legislation that would have improved life for Virginia’s students, seniors and working families.

Additionally, under pressure from national media, Republicans also killed their own bill to rig the electoral college.

Meanwhile, Republicans passed an anti-worker wage bill that would bar agencies from requiring state contractors to pay their employees a prevailing wage. They also advanced a similar anti-worker bill that would apply to localities, as well as legislation that would protect companies from publicly disclosing the chemicals they use in fracking. The latter two bills are scheduled for a floor vote on Monday, Jan 30.

*Republicans killed this bill by failing to second the Democrat’s motion to report it.


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