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Letter to Sen. Mark Warner from Fairfax School Board Member Pat Hynes Urges Opposition to Trump’s Agenda


Great letter to Sen. Mark Warner from Fairfax County School Board member Pat Hynes; I couldn’t agree more and strongly endorse this!

Dear Senator Warner,

I serve as the elected school board member for the Hunter Mill District in Fairfax County, but I write to you today as a concerned American. I hope you will speak out loudly and consistently, on behalf of your constituents, in opposition to the incoming Trump administration’s divisive and dangerous plans for this country.

I hope you will consider hosting a rally on January 15 to save the Affordable Care Act. Like many others, I worked hard in 2009 for the idea that healthcare is a basic human right, and I celebrated that important win for all Americans. The Republican plan to pull that rug out from under millions of families is horrible to contemplate.

I hope you will oppose most, if not all, of the Trump cabinet as they come to the Senate for confirmation. I have kept up with the nominations and can honestly say not one nominee stands out as trustworthy and capable. They are a rogue’s gallery of self-dealers and ideologues. That Senate Republicans are rushing them through confirmation before their extensive ethical conflicts can be properly vetted, is alarming.

I am encouraged by Senator McCain’s willingness to hold hearings on the intelligence linking Russian hacking to our presidential election. I hope you will be as unrelenting in demanding a full accounting of that attack on our democracy, and all other risks to free and fair elections.

This letter could be pages and pages longer, with unsettling facts about each cabinet nominee, climate change, civil rights, middle class and labor concerns, public schools, and on and on. But you know all that. What you may not know is how much I am counting on you to defend the foundational values of this country over the next four years. Those values carried the day on November 8 – by three million votes. Be assured you are on the right side of history when you fight for us.

Thank you for your service. Please let me know how I can help.

Pat Hynes

  • Novatruth

    UnitedHealth — the largest U.S. insurer — announced that it would no longer sell exchange plans in New Jersey in 2017. It has now withdrawn from 27 states. Last year, UnitedHealth lost about $475 million on the exchanges; this year, its
    projecting $500 million in losses. (Forbes)

    National carriers aren’t the only ones struggling with higher-than-expected costs on the
    exchanges. Many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, which have insured
    individuals for years, and smaller players are also suffering, said Dan
    Mendelson, president of Avalere Health, a consulting firm.

    “There are too many sick people in the risk pools and not enough healthy ones to
    offset the costs. And the situation is getting worse, he said. The government
    will have to get involved,” Mendelson said. “The exchanges are viable
    in the long-term, but only if the government stabilizes the risk pools.”(CNN)

    And who exempted themselves? Congress. Governing
    wisely should not mean ruling from an aristocrat’s perch. It is time for
    Congress to end this fraud and experience the law legislators required every
    other citizen to obey. Will we hold the Government accountable for the impact
    of its regulations, or will we allow it to insulate itself from responsibility
    by shifting the blame to the purportedly “evil” private sector?

    What is DANGEROUS Ms. Hynes, is supporting an unsustainable plan, rather than consider reworking the ACA. In a Capitol Hill pep talk Wednesday, Obama
    urged Democrats not to “rescue” Republicans by helping them pass
    replacement measures, according to sources in the room. Thanks for a fine
    example of working together.

    To that end, I do want to see all Americans insured but the 11,000 pages of regulations in the ACA are crushing for insurers to implement and the plans are unaffordable
    for the working family. Obama care is only affordable if you’re broke.

    • Pat Hynes

      Congressional Republicans have had seven years to come up with a replacement. They have the majority and the White House – they don’t need Democrats to “help them pass replacement measures” – they can get full credit for their better plan. Where is it??

      • The fact is, the ACA is mostly a Republican plan to begin with, so of course they don’t have a better option.

  • frankoanderson

    Thank you Pat Hynes for fighting with us! You were by our side working with OFA to pass the Affordable Care Act. We wanted single payer but the ACA was still a good step to cover millions who had no insurance. I remember the townhall with Sen. Warner (was it in Fredericksburg?) where he spent many hours hearing from constituents. Senator Kaine is coming to Richmond for the rally on Sunday; I hope Sen. Warner joins us!

    • Agreed – thank you Pat Hynes!