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Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Nastier in the VA GOP Lt. Governor Race…


For anyone who claims Democratic primaries are too rough, the Virginia GOP Lt. Governor primary has gotten extremely nasty –and it’s only February! Check out the nasty anti-Jill Vogel ad (nice images of her, huh? also gotta love the comparison of Vogel to the Republicans’ female demon, Hillary Clinton, the “dark money”/no paid for and authorized by disclaimer, etc.) running at the top of the conservative Virginia political blog Bearing Drift (see screen shots below).

Oh, and for more detail on the increasing nastiness between Vogel and her Republican rival, Bryce Reeves, see Vogel says Reeves tried to force her out of lieutenant governor’s race; he denies it, The GOP race for lieutenant governor is getting ugly in Virginia, Sen. Jill Vogel embroiled in email scandal, Vogel denies involvement in email against rival for lieutenant governor, Alleged affair, accusations heat up usually quiet Virginia campaign, etc, etc. In sum, it’s fun times as always in the Republican Party of Virginia. Meanwhile, at least so far, the Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor have been models of civility. So…which party would you rather have running our state?

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