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PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease Let This Be True!


First of all, this would be awesome from a Virginia political blogger’s perspective, as it would be an unhinged freak show with tons of great material for the blog. Second, from a Democratic perspective, what could be better than having a bunch of extremists — Laura “If Newt Gingrich would be President tomorrow, I would be a happy person” Ingraham, Carly “Demon Sheep” Fiorina, Ewwwww Jackson, Jim “Drove Virginia Into a Ditch” Gilmore, etc. – battling it out for the opportunity to get annihilated by Sen. Tim Kaine next year? In sum, please pray to whatever deity you believe in, or if you are an atheist like me just sit back, crack open a cold one, pop up some popcorn and enjoy thinking about the unhinged freak show in store for us in the 2018 Virginia Republican primary for U.S. Senate! LOL

P.S. Any way to persuade Ken Kookinelli to run as well? “Sideshow Bob” Marshall? Dick Black? Heh.

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