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Poll: Who Do You Support for Lt. Governor of Virginia? [2,000+ Votes — CLOSED]


The results of our first unscientific governor’s poll of 2017 are in; now it’s time for the Lt. Governor race. Weigh in for your favorite candidate and please feel free to explain why you’re supporting him or her in the comments section. Thanks!

UPDATE 5 pm 2/20: We had over 4,700 votes on the governor’s poll; would love to see 2,000 on this one. I’ll cut this off when we hit that number, or at the end of this week, whichever comes first.

UPDATE 6:15 pm 2/21: OK, we hit 2,000 votes, so as I promised yesterday (whichever came first, 2,000 votes or the end of the week), I’m cutting it off at this point. What’s interesting is that just a few hours ago, it was a three-way tie between the three Democratic candidates.  Below, you can see the results after 2,000+ votes, with Susan Platt in the lead. Just remember, this is not scientific in any way, so I wouldn’t read too much into it; kinda like most straw polls. Anyway, here you go…


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