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Video: Tom Perriello Q&A in Arlington


Late this afternoon, I attended an event for Tom Perriello in Arlington. The room was crowded, mostly with people who I’ve never seen at Democratic events before, which is interesting in and of itself. Perriello delivered opening remarks, followed by audience questions. Here’s video of the event — enjoy!

Introduction of Tom Perriello

Perriello’s introductory remarks

Question from “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America”

Question about how to win in Hampton Roads, rural Virginia

Question by Jason Rylander on clean energy/climate action in Virginia

Perriello on public education in Virginia

Perriello on money in politics

Perriello on gerrymandering, nonpartisan redistricting

Perriello on protecting immigrant communities

Perriello on his primary with Ralph Northam


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