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Video: VA GOP Forum in C-Ville a “Vapid” “Crazy Train”; Corey Stewart Calls Robert E. Lee an “American Hero”


The following statement from American Bridge PAC kind of sums it up about today’s Virginia GOP candidates forum in Charlottesville – “crazy train,” “vapid,” “participation trophies,” Corey Stewart ranting about “lunatic lefties” and calling Robert E. Lee an “American hero” (note to Stewart: Robert E. Lee took up arms against America and for the slave-owning Confederacy, kind of a stretch to call him an “American hero”) vicious Muslim-bashing by AG candidate Chuck Smith, airheaded nothingness from Ed Gillespie, a party devoid of serious ideas to keep moving Virginia forward, etc. See video below…if you can stand it.

“Millennials deserve more than the pandering that was spewed onstage by each of the Republican gubernatorial candidates in Charlottesville. Introduced by a party Chairman who was condemned by members of his own party for racist comments, today’s crazy train continued with Corey Stewart heaping praise on Robert E. Lee and Ed Gillespie pushing the same destructive Republican policies that make it harder for millennials to get an affordable education and a good job. Today’s vapid display by interchangeable candidates make it clear that none of them have solutions for Virginians. They should have to return their participation trophies.”

Closing statements

The VA GOP’s Chair, Anti-Semitic “joke” dude John Whitbeck, introduces the crazy train of statewide candidates.

Lots of misinformation about the Affordable Care Act, lots of support for “block grants” and other terrible ideas in the health care arena.

Basically no ideas on higher education. Corey Stewart bizarrely claims that universities are teaching the wrong things, that there is too much “politically correct madness that is going on today.” Alrighty then…

Bunch of b.s. that has no relation to making Millennials’ lives better.


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