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Safe Climate Caucus Co-Chairs Lowenthal and Beyer React To Trump Executive Orders on Climate


I love my Congressman (Don Beyer) as much as I despise Donald F’ing Trump.

Safe Climate Caucus Co-Chairs Lowenthal and Beyer React To Trump Executive Orders on Climate

March 28, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Reps. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) and Don Beyer (D-VA) issued scathing denunciations of President Trump’s Executive Orders on climate and the environment today.

“We all want our world to be a safe, healthy place to raise our families and grow our economy.  Unfortunately, the President’s action today slows down the progress we’ve been making and puts U.S. leadership on climate in question,” said Rep. Alan Lowenthal.  “This executive order only kicks the climate change can further down the road, forcing future generations to suffer and deal with it. With a stroke of his pen, President Trump has pushed the collective head of the U.S. government further into the sand on climate change.”

“President Trump’s executive orders represent a multi-pronged retreat from American global leadership on the existential threat of our time: climate change,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “His failure to understand basic economics – that coal jobs were hurt by natural gas and automation – in favor of campaign rhetoric is shocking. President Trump could have acted to take our country, our economy, and our environment forward. But rather he chose to vacate U.S. leadership in the fight to address global carbon pollution.”

The Executive Orders, signed by the President in a ceremony at the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency, require that agency to begin unraveling the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, a central pillar of the US strategy to fight climate change.

They also direct federal agencies to end the use of the metric known as the “social cost of carbon,” which factors the impact on climate into agency decisions. Another order directs the Department of the Interior to lift its moratorium on coal and gas development on public lands.

The House Safe Climate Caucus was formed in 2009 to raise awareness both within Congress and with the public about the many ways climate change is affecting the world.

  • McEachin on Rollback of Climate Protections

    WASHINGTON – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement on President Trump’s executive order that will attack the Clean Power Plan and other Obama-era efforts to prevent or mitigate climate change:

    “Climate change is a threat to our entire way of life; Donald Trump is asking us to pretend that threat does not exist. He is putting corporate profits ahead of our health and security. If he succeeds, our children and grandchildren will pay a terrible price.

    “President Trump is targeting thoughtful, responsible protections that slow or prevent the kind of climate change that is already producing concrete harms – rising sea levels, stronger storms, longer droughts, and countless other problems. I am not surprised that Trump wants to undo the great progress we have made. The Clean Power Plan was and is a cornerstone of President Obama’s effort to prevent dangerous carbon pollution. His sensible limits on fracking and coal extraction have likewise reduced pollution and protected public health. Gutting these regulations to benefit a wealthy few is foolish, shortsighted, and deeply immoral.

    “Climate change drives sea-level rise around the 4th Congressional District. Ocean acidification, a direct consequence of carbon emissions, endangers our Chesapeake Bay. This order is yet another blatant signal that the Trump administration does not care about the health of hardworking Americans – only the wealth of the select few.”

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on Climate Change

    Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today regarding President Trump’s Executive Order rolling back the Obama Administration’s actions on climate change:

    “The actions President Trump took today threaten our environment, our security and our ability to compete in the global economy. It is impossible and downright reckless to deny the science of global warming or the impact it is already having on states like Virginia. Sea level rise and extreme weather are already impacting Virginia families, businesses and key military assets like the world’s largest naval base in Norfolk. The Clean Power Plan not only provides a necessary response to the threat of climate change; it also provides a stable regulatory environment that is essential for businesses to make long-term investments and create new jobs.

    “We have a choice: we can lead this fight and capitalize on the unprecedented economic potential of clean energy, or we can bury our heads in the sand and waste an opportunity to create the next generation of energy jobs. Here in the Commonwealth, we will continue to confront the impacts of climate change and support clean energy investments that will grow our economy and shape our future.”

  • Yes, Morgan Griffith is evil. And ignorant. And a corporate tool. And did I mention evil? Oh yeah, I did…

    The White House announced that President Trump signed an Executive Order that directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to suspend, revise, or rescind four actions related to to Obama Administration energy policies that would stifle the American energy industry. The White House listed the four actions as follows:

    1. An immediate re-evaluation of the so-called Clean Power Plan.
    2. A lift on the ban on federal leasing for coal production.
    3. An end to job-killing restrictions on the production of oil, natural gas, clean coal and shale energy.
    4. Returning regulatory power to the states.

    Congressman Griffith said, “The actions outlined in President Trump’s Executive Order will bring relief to the coal and energy industries that have been under regulatory attack for the last eight years.”

    “I am pleased that President Trump and his Administration have decided not to proceed with plans to implement the costly, overreaching Clean Power Plan. From the start, I believed the federal bureaucrats at the EPA had no legal basis for implementing a policy that would have such a negative impact on our local and national economies.”

    “The Trump Administration is correct in assessing that there was no legal authority for this unprecedented power grab, and I am hoping to see the CPP dismantled.”

    “The effects of the CPP’s excessive and misguided regulations threatened the livelihoods of hardworking American families and jeopardized thousands of jobs. I am glad we will avoid the detrimental effects of its implementation.”

  • McEachin Led Oversight and Investigations Hearing on ESA

    WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) served in his capacity as the Ranking Member of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee for the hearing entitled “ESA Consultation Impediments to Economic and Infrastructure Development.”

    “For an Administration that claims they want to put ‘America First,’ they are willing to endanger, if not extinguish, some of our most exceptional and unique species among them, the bald eagle, Florida panther, and the gray wolf, all of whom are success stories because of the ESA,” said Ranking Member Donald McEachin. “When we fail to adequately protect endangered species, we are throwing away something priceless and irreplaceable. We are throwing away opportunities to better understand our world while destroying our children’s heritage.”

    Congressman McEachin said during his opening remarks, “Economic development – including the construction and maintenance of infrastructure – should be compatible with the conservation of wildlife, fish, plants, and biological diversity in general. The ESA ensures that it is. Tired, refuted talking points claiming that complying with the act kills jobs and unnecessarily impedes economic growth are simply not grounded in reality.”

    The Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee on the House Committee on Natural Resources has jurisdiction over all agencies and programs overseen by the Full Committee. Congressional oversight and investigations began in the late 1700s and continues today by conducting investigations and serving as an essential part of the legislative process.