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GOP PanicFest 2017 – Prince William Clerk of the Court Race


The GOP is officially in panic mode. And they have every reason to be:

  • The Democrats in Prince William County have already wracked up over one-thousand early votes ahead of Tuesday’s Clerk of the Court Special Election on April 18.
  • Almost every candidate for Delegate in the Prince William area has done at least one joint canvass with Jacqueline’s campaign since the Special Election was announced a little over a month ago. Our campaign has done three joint campaigns and have knocked on hundreds of doors on her behalf!
  • Democrats from all over the state have thrown their weight into the Clerk’s race, including both Democrats Candidates for governor, candidates for Lt. Governor, Tim Kaine, and Gerry Connolly. The George Mason University Democrats and a Co-President of the Fairfax Young Democrats also went canvassing today.
  • Republicans have been appearing in places they don’t normally show up. GOP candidate Jackson Miller himself showed up at early voting locations in the past few days, and the Prince William GOP has been out in force this weekend. Just two years ago when this seat was up for grabs during the normal election cycle, they never showed up.

And guess what? We still have canvassing lined up on Monday and our big push on Election Day!

I spent the day between canvassing in my district and being a greeter at an early voting location while my campaign manager assisted Jacqueline’s (pictured above in the headline). It was an absolutely beautiful day to canvass in my Republican opponent’s own precinct:

Sorry Delegate Anderson, you live in a blue precinct. I’ve met the folks there.

While at the DMV, we had a chance to talk to the Republicans there, as well as a Democrat with Together We Will who has come all the way from Maryland to help us. While there, myself and Delegate Candidate Lee Carter (VA-HD-50) recorded a short video to remind voters to get out the vote on Tuesday!

So this is it folks, we’re in the final stretch! Please give Jacqueline whatever you can spare so we can get through the finish line and deliver the first huge upset to the Virginia GOP of 2017!

As mentioned previously, I’m running for the House of Delegates this year to bring progress to the lives of all Virginians. My website is here and my donation page is here.

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