Home 2019 Elections Final BV Poll Results: Perriello 486-Northam 418; Platt 349-Rossi 292-Fairfax 263

Final BV Poll Results: Perriello 486-Northam 418; Platt 349-Rossi 292-Fairfax 263


UPDATE 4/5 5:05 pm:  The final results are below. The highlights are that 1,087 people voted, of which 15.9% (173) didn’t want Blue Virginia to endorse, while 83.2% did want us to endorse (another 0.9% selected “other”). For governor, Tom Perriello ended up with 486 votes to Ralph Northam’s 418 votes.  For LG, Susan Platt had 349 votes, Gene Rossi 292 votes and Justin Fairfax 263 votes.  I can’t stress this enough, but again, these polls are NOT scientific, so take them with a big grain (pillar?) of salt. As for whether or not we’ll end up endorsing, these results are interesting, but certainly not definitive by any means. So…we’ll see, but the input was certainly helpful – thanks!

P.S. Also, Platt and Rossi voters tended – although not by huge margins – to go with Perriello, while Fairfax voters tended to be about evenly split, with a slight leaning towards Northam.

UPDATE 4/5 9:49 am: I’m shutting this down, as I said when I posted it, at 5 pm today. So…promoting it for last-minute voting.

Not an “April Fool’s Joke,” I’m really curious if people think Blue Virginia should endorse in the Democratic primaries for governor or LG this year. I’ll leave this poll open until the middle of next week (Wednesday ~5 pm). Let’s see what our readers think. Thanks.

P.S. Note – the order of choices in the poll is “randomized”; also, there are protections against voting multiple times from the same IP address, etc. Also, when it says “comments section,” I should have specified that I meant the Blue Virginia comments section (at the bottom of this blog post). Thanks.


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