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Hala Ayala: Happy Equal Pay Day, Blue Virginia!


by Hala Ayala, Democratic candidate in the  51st House District of Virginia

Happy Equal Pay Day, Blue Virginia! I can’t think of a better day for my inaugural post.

Equal pay for equal work has been a cause that I have fought for as the former president of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and vice president of the state chapter. Virginia women make 80 cents for every dollar paid to men in the Commonwealth. The statistics for African-American and Latina women are far worse.

I have been a proud advocate for Prince William women and families over the years, wanting to give back to my local community. I have organized friends to lobby the General Assembly for Medicaid Expansion, raising the minimum wage and protecting a woman’s right to choose. I helped coordinate the Virginia contingent of the Women’s March in January.

Until now, I did this all in my spare time, apart from my former job as a cybersecurity specialist at the Department of Homeland Security. But I realized that I needed to jump into the fray.

I want to take the fight to Richmond. I am running for the 51st District of the House of Delegates because my current member, Del. Rich Anderson, isn’t representing families like mine. He takes bad votes that jeopardize our ability to access healthcare and family planning services. He is against Medicaid Expansion, which would provide crucial health care to families across the state. He wants to loosen gun laws, which makes us less safe. I want to ensure my community, friends and loved ones are represented equally and fairly.

After the November elections last year, we can’t afford to let up if we want change and must raise our voices to be heard. To voters in the 51st District, I hope to earn your support in the weeks and months ahead.

See you all on the doors!

Please read my profile in the Prince William Times today.


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