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LuAnn Bennett Endorses Tom Perriello for Governor


Endorsement for the Perriello for Governor campaign from 2016 Democratic 10th CD nominee LuAnn Bennett:


LuAnn Bennett Endorses Tom Perriello for Governor
Former 10th District Democratic Congressional Candidate: ‘Tom Perriello Can Lead the Commonwealth of Virginia to a More Prosperous Future’
Today, LuAnn Bennett, the 2016 Democratic candidate for Congress in the Tenth Congressional District, is announcing her support of Tom Perriello ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary for Virginia Governor. In backing Tom, Bennett, a business owner, working mom, and grandmother, is focusing on Tom’s unique ability to unite every corner of Virginia through his message of inclusive economic growth, that leaves no race or region behind.

“The Democratic Party is fortunate to have decent and talented public servants at all levels. And this campaign for Governor is no different,” said LuAnn Bennett. “We have two great candidates in Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello. I have great admiration and respect for them both. As many of you know, in 2016 I ran against Barbara Comstock and Donald Trump for the 10th District Congressional seat. My opponent and our current President represent the worst in our politics appealing to our basest instincts of fear and anger. I believe, as so many of you do, that we are better than that. I believe we can build a more inclusive future that benefits all Virginians. 

“That’s why at this critical moment for our country and for our Commonwealth,” Bennett continued, “I feel compelled to take a stand — a stand for and with the resistance, for an inclusive Virginia, one that embraces both our strong economy of Northern Virginia and our rural communities in the West, Southwest and Southside of our Commonwealth. 

“That’s why I have decided to endorse Tom Perriello, the candidate who I believe has the vision, the energy and the message, not only to defeat his Republican challenger in November, but to help build a better, stronger, more inclusive future for Virginia,” Bennett added. “Tom Perriello represents the future of our Party and of our politics; a future where we pull each other up instead of tear each other down; a future that embraces change and recognizes the opportunities it brings; a future that invests in our people and our communities to make opportunity a reality for all our families. I believe that Tom Perriello can lead the Commonwealth of Virginia to a more prosperous future, not only in our Northern Virginia suburbs but also in our rural communities. That’s why today I am proud to declare my support for Tom and to urge you to support him in this important election.”

“I am so proud to have LuAnn’s support in my campaign,” said Tom Perriello. “A farmer’s daughter who succeeded in business, LuAnn grew up understanding the importance of leaving no community out of the promise for opportunity. It’s the spirit she took to her fight in Northern Virginia last year, and it’s the spirit I am making central to my campaign this year. We need inclusive economic growth in Virginia that leaves no race or region behind, with higher wages and access to more affordable health care and education for all.”
Bennett’s endorsement adds to the momentum Tom’s campaign is seeing across Virginia. This week, he will visit more than 15 college campuses, engaging and energizing students ahead of the Democratic primary, and yesterday, he announced he would propose a constitutional amendment safeguarding a woman’s right to choose in Virginia as governor.
Bennett is deeply involved in community service and advocacy, serving on the National Children’s Museum board, the Institute for Sustainable Communities board and the New Jersey & H Educational Foundation Advisory Board. She is a former member of the Virginia Health Care Foundation, Charity Works Advisory Board, and she previously served on Virginia’s Climate Change Commission.

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