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Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) Endorses in Six Virginia 2017 Races


Well this is interesting, from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)…

PCCC Goes Big in State Races in 2017; Endorses 6 Virginia Races that Will Be Pivotal in Flipping Statehouse Blue

Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is proudly announcing its endorsement of 6 bold progressives running in key state-level races in Virginia: Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor, Danica Roem (VA-HD13), Chris Hurst (VA-HD12), Elizabeth Guzman (VA-HD31), Jennifer Carroll Foy (VA-HD02), and Schuyler VanValkenburg (VA-HD72). The PCCC is making a major investment in state races in 2017 as part of our 2020 project to flip state legislatures blue and build on the surge of grassroots enthusiasm seen across the country, especially in districts like KS-04 and GA-06.

PCCC Virginia Political Coordinator Teddy Smyth will be coordinating directly with campaigns on the ground — mobilizing our members in their districts and training volunteers for the candidates’ field programs. The PCCC will launch a fundraising campaign on behalf of the 6 candidates this week.

Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the PCCC said: “These six bold progressives represent the diverse future of the Democratic Party, and their election would be a clear rebuke of Trump’s’ radical, anti-worker agenda. In every decision since assuming office, Trump has sided with big corporations over working families — betraying his own voters and creating a environment where Democrats can win in conservative and swing districts across the country. The PCCC is proud to be endorsing Justin, Danica, Chris, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Schuyler for office and thousands of PCCC members are fired up to donate and volunteer.”

The PCCC will also hold an intensive candidate training in Fairfax on May 20 to teach Virginia candidates the best campaign practices to win. We held our first training of the 2017 cycle in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Saturday, April 8.

More About Newly-Endorsed Virginia Candidates:

Justin Fairfax (Lt. Gov.) is a young, rising star in Virginia Democratic politics. A former federal prosecutor, Justin won nearly 49 percent of the statewide primary vote for Attorney General of Virginia and The Washington Post endorsement in his first ever run for office in 2013. He would be only the second African-American candidate in Virginia’s history elected to statewide office. His policy priorities center on economic security and opportunity, dramatically reducing the crushing burden of student loan debt, providing high-quality education to our students, criminal justice reform, and protecting civil rights and voting rights.

STATEMENT FROM JUSTIN FAIRFAX: “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the PCCC, as we share a goal of enacting bold progressive change that tangibly improves working families’ lives. I’ve traveled over 30,000 miles across the Commonwealth of Virginia in the last year meeting people where they are and promoting our message of economic security and opportunity for all. I look forward to working together with the PCCC on dramatically reducing the crushing burden of student loan debt, ensuring equality and opportunity for all, and moving Virginia forward through our primary election on June 13 and beyond.”

Danica Roem (VA-HD13) is a step-mom, lifelong Manassas resident and longtime local newspaper reporter who is the first transgender woman to run for the Virginia General Assembly. She’s running against Del. Bob Marshall (R-13), author of this year’s “bathroom bill” and the 2006 constitutional ban on marriage equality, whose own party killed 27 of his 30 bills this year. Danica’s policy priorities focus on transportation, economic development and education.

STATEMENT FROM DANICA ROEM: “It’s wonderful to receive the endorsement of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a great organization that has relentlessly pushed the Democratic Party forward in a bold, progressive direction. With the PCCC’s partnership, I will fight for a fairer future for working families in Prince William County, Manassas Park and the Commonwealth of Virginia. And we can accomplish that while working to make Virginia a more inclusive commonwealth for everyone, no matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love.”

Chris Hurst (VA-HD12) is a former broadcast journalist and anchor for WDBJ7 (CBS) in Roanoke, Virginia. The on-air murder of his late-girlfriend, fellow journalist Alison Parker, has motivated Chris to run for public office and fight for families in Southwest Virginia. As Delegate, he vows to give a voice to the voiceless, demand support for public education and protect those at-risk to violence and abuse.

STATEMENT FROM CHRIS HURST: “A little over a year and a half ago I began a new path in life after Alison and my friend Adam Ward were killed while covering a story for our news station. I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and look forward to working together to enact commonsense gun laws, expand access to mental health care and invest in higher education.”

Elizabeth Guzman (VA-HD31) is a passionate union member who wants to focus on a living wage, expanding Medicaid, and strengthening the public education system. She would be the first Latina elected to the Virginia Assembly.

STATEMENT FROM ELIZABETH GUZMAN: “The PCCC is on the frontlines fighting to expand Medicare and Medicaid, strengthen the public education system, and ensure that every worker has the dignity of a living wage. I am honored to receive the PCCC’s endorsement and look forward to working together to build a better future for all Virginians.”

Jennifer Carroll Foy (VA-HD02) is a public defender, a professor and former Magistrate, a foster mother, and the first African-American women to graduate from Virginia Military Institute. Her policy priorities include protecting women’s reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, criminal justice reform, education, and transportation.

STATEMENT FROM JENNIFER CARROLL FOY: “Our values are under siege from a Trump administration that is siding with corporations, attacking women’s reproductive rights, and pursuing divisive policies that pit Americans against each other. I am honored to have the support of PCCC. I look forward to fighting together with PCCC to defeat Trump’s radical agenda and pass bold, progressive legislation that improves the lives of all Virginians.”

Schuyler VanValkenburg (VA-HD72) is a young, progressive public school teacher with a laser focus on education for his campaign. His other policy priorities include voting rights, campaign finance reform, and college affordability.

STATEMENT FROM SCHUYLER VANVALKENBURG: “I’ve spent the last decade teaching government and politics, and now I’m putting those lessons into action. I am proud to have the endorsement and support from PCCC. Our public school system is under attack from billionaire Betsy DeVos and her Republican allies, and I look forward to working with PCCC to defend my students’ educational and economic opportunities.”

Facts about the PCCC and its endorsed candidates:

  • The PCCC has over 1 million members nationwide, including over 23,000 in Virginia.
  • The PCCC has raised over $8 million for progressive candidates and committees since its founding in 2009 — including over $1.17 million for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate run.
  • PCCC staffers are in Virginia, coordinating on the ground with campaigns — organizing supporters, training volunteers, and helping get candidates’ bold progressive messages out to voters.
  • The PCCC runs an intensive candidate training program, which teaches candidates best practices for modern campaigns. The PCCC will hold a local training seminar for Virginia candidates in Fairfax on May 20.
  • Find out more at BoldProgressives.org or @BoldProgressive on Twitter.

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