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Rep. Don Beyer Defends Science and Scientific Research at Rally Before Marching for Science


Great job as always by my Congressman, Don Beyer (D-VA08)!

Beyer Defends Science and Scientific Research at Rally Before Marching for Science


For Immediate Release

April 22, 2017 (Washington, DC) – This morning Rep. Don Beyer addressed a group of constituents, scientists and defenders of science outside the Capitol. He spoke of the need to protect scientific integrity and funding for scientific agencies against attacks from hostile officials.

Following his brief remarks to the rally near the Capitol, Rep. Beyer took part in the March for Science.

An excerpt of his prepared remarks follows:

“The length and quality of our lives, the health of our societies, the possibility of progress, the solutions to hunger, disease, ignorance, and violence – indeed, the evolution of mankind – all depend completely on Science.

You know, science is not partisan.  It should have nothing to do with political philosophy.  But I’m sad to tell you:  science is under attack.   And it’s under attack right here in the Capitol, and just down the street in the White House.

The chairman of our House Science Committee has tried to undermine air pollution regulations he says are not backed up by science.   He has tried to slash NASA’s budget for earth sciences.   He has ridiculed peer-reviewed grants of the National Science Foundation.  And he has fought against what he calls “climate change religion.”

That guy in the White House has proposed a budget with a 31% cut to the EPA.  He has rolled back environmental protections – the Clean Water Act, the Clean Power Plan, the Stream Protection Rule, the Internet Privacy Act, and the ban on gassing, trapping, and helicopter gunning down of predators in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuges.

Trump has proposed massive funding cuts for scientific research  — at NIH, NOAA, ARPA-E, the EPA, and many, many others.

The hatred of science, of knowledge, of learning, is not new.  Through the ages, frightened people, desperately hanging on to power and wealth, have tried to hold back the explosion of information that science embodies.

Science is a most powerful democratizing force.   The universe is not random, meaningless, magical – little by little we can understand our world, and make it better for all.   With science, we actually realize certain unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are strong.  We are free.  We are powerful.   We are on the side of a science unfettered by fear, racism, greed, and a callous disregard for the truth.

The laws of science will always prevail.  Today we celebrate them, and demand that our elected officials in the White House and Congress honor them as well.”


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