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Video: Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart (R) Says “Awful” John Legend the “New Joe McCarthy”


See the video, below, as VA GOP gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart rants and raves about Hollywood, “the extreme left,” and “awful people” like John Legend – “the new Joe McCarthy…deliberately trying to shut down speech.” (note: that is absurd, of course, on several levels, including that McCarthy was a powerful U.S. Senator, while Hollywood celebrities are not – repeat NOT! – government officials) Stewart further claims that the “left in Hollywood” is “now doing what happened to them in the early 1950s – shutting down speech; they can’t stand free speech and they’re trying to tear down our history” (note: in Stewart’s view, “history” mostly seems to be about defending the Confederacy)

But wait, there’s more: “even worse than a left-wing liberal out of Hollywood like John Legend are the coward Republicans that won’t stand up to them…this is our last stand…if we lose it here, we lose it everywhere; there’s no place left to go.” By the way, the genesis of Corey Stewart’s beef with John Legend appears to be that Legend called out Stewart on Twitter after Stewart laughably claimed, “Nothing is worse than a Yankee telling a Southerner that his monuments don’t matter.” Legend responded, “Like, literally, nothing? Nothing is worse?” And that, apparently, is what set off racist lunatic Corey Stewart (R-of course).



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