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Video: Virginia GOP AG Nominee John Adams Would Be AG Cooch Part Two


Key points that jumped out at me from the following video by Virginia GOP Attorney General nominee John Adams: 1) he clerked for Clarence Thomas; 2) he served as Associate White House Counsel to Possibly the Worst President Ever Before Trump (that would be Dubya, of course); 3) he will clearly launch an all-out assault on voting rights (he’s a big fan of voter ID); 4) he will clearly do the bidding of the NRA and the even more extreme (if that’s possible) Virginia Citizens Defense League; 5) he will definitely be an enemy of organized labor and working people; 6) he will be a corporate tool, which is the LAST thing we need as Attorney General, 7) he says he will work to “defend the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Virginia” (what do you think THAT means exactly? hmmmm…). Bottom line: let’s make damn sure we reelect Mark Herring in November for another four years as Attorney General of Virginia. As for John Adams, something tells me his famous namesake would not approve.

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