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Virginia Democrats Rip GOP Efforts to Trash American Healthcare


Rep. Gerry Connolly: “This am GOP will attempt to gut protection on pre-existing conditions. Don’t be fooled. Upton amdt is a fig leaf that won’t cover much. ACA can be improved. This vote today however is a step towards dismantling the ACA and it will hurt real people. Trumpcare 3.0. No hearings. No CBO score. No idea how many people will be affected. The American public will hold GOP accountable. #VERIFIED”

Rep. Don Beyer: “That’s less than 15 hours from now, but we haven’t seen text of the bill yet. And more to the point, the American people haven’t either…And the @HouseGOP leaders won’t wait for a CBO score because they don’t want anyone to know what #Trumpcare will do. It’s that bad. #VoteNo… are rushing through as fast as they can, betting that you won’t find out what’s in it and get mad…Insane? Yes. Madness? Yes. Destructive? Yes. Horribly irresponsible? Yes. Hurts millions of Americans? Yes. That is all.

Rep. Bobby Scott: “I agree w/ @timkaine & @MarkWarner criticism of @POTUS & the @HouseGOP. They are playing politics w/ healthcare: http://bit.ly/2qtsOGg …Today’s #Trumpcare vote is another attempt by @realDonaldTrump & the @HouseGOP to undermine protections for working families…@HouseGOP are rushing to pass #Trumpcare.That means higher health costs, disruption in the ACA marketplace & a tax cut for the wealthy.”

Rep. Donald McEachin: Once again, wants to take away healthcare from 24million+ Americans. The American people rely on their access to healthcare. This CANNOT be a partisan issue.  is a disaster and will not support the needs of hardworking Americans. I encourage my colleagues to think of their constituents. saves lives. I ask my colleagues, why do you want to vote in favor of ? I stand in opposition to  We cannot accept discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. I know that healthcare is a matter of life and death. For Americans with pre-existing conditions, would mean ↑in premiums, ↑ in deductibles & long waiting periods for coverage.  is unacceptable for Americans in rural communities, who will have less access to care under the bill.”

Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner: “As a result of the consistently mixed messages and increasing uncertainty on health care from the Trump Administration, some insurers will raise premiums and scale back their health insurance offerings in the individual market, which serves more than 400,000 people in Virginia. Aetna’s decision to leave the Virginia marketplace in 2018 shows the real-life consequences of President Trump playing politics with health care and unfortunately Virginians will be the ones paying the price for his actions. This week, Aetna’s CEO pointed directly to the Trump Administration’s threat to eliminate cost-sharing reductions as a move that put too much uncertainty into the system. He said he believes it’s time to admit that the ACA needs to be fixed, not repealed.

“President Trump has a responsibility to make clear whether he intends to continue using the health coverage of millions of Americans as political leverage, or whether he will demonstrate leadership by working in a bipartisan way to improve the Affordable Care Act. President Trump touting the idea of letting Obamacare ‘explode’ for personal and political gain is intentional sabotage of a system where millions of Americans have the most to lose. President Trump playing politics with the system as insurers were getting ready to set their rates for 2018 only made matters worse. The Administration should start by agreeing to permanently fund the cost-sharing reduction and reinsurance payments authorized by law, and withdrawing the dangerous Executive Order issued after the inauguration which is already undermining access to coverage. We have supported working in a bipartisan way to improve the Affordable Care Act, and stand ready to work with our colleagues to promote competition and affordability in the marketplace.”

Sen. Tim Kaine adds separately: “After Trump nominates SecEd who doesn’t understand federal disability law, now TrumpCare bill would cut special ed services. Heartless!”

Ralph Northam: “Where does @EdWGillespie stand on this? With hardworking Virginians who could lose coverage or with Trump?”

Tom Perriello: “Obamacare insured 20 million & I lost my seat. AHCA will spike premiums and boot millions from insurance. Rs—why are you voting for this? Contrary to what the Bully-in-Chief says, you *don’t* have to support this awful bill. If you think Trump’s scorn would be bad, just wait. You’re exempting yourself from your own law, while making sexual assault a preexisting condition that isn’t covered. How’s that gonna go? If the moral, economic or health-based arguments aren’t enough (and apparently they aren’t), then see the board & save yourselves. Vote no.”


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