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Video: Tom Perriello Releases TV Ad Featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren


From the Perriello for Governor campaign:

Tom Perriello Releases Two New TV Ads, Featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Outlining His Vision for Virginia, and Urging Voters to Believe ‘Progress is Possible’
Ads Will Air Across Virginia in Final Days of Democratic Gubernatorial Primary
Today, Tom Perriello is releasing the fourth and fifth ads of his Democratic campaign for Virginia governor. The ads will air across Virginia in the final eight days of the primary campaign.
In the first ad, “Make Change,” U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has endorsed Tom, speaks about Tom’s values, saying, “He’s somebody who says: I am going to make change — and I’m gonna make change not for the richest, not for the most powerful. I’m gonna make change to make this economy work better for hard-working families. That’s who he is.” The ad features footage from Tom’s rally with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders this spring and his 2010 rally with President Barack Obama in Charlottesville, before closing with Tom speaking about his vision to leave no race or region behind in giving Virginians opportunities to succeed. Finally, Virginians are urged to vote June 13 as Tom says, “Let’s prove that Donald Trump’s values are not Virginia values.”
The second ad, “Progress is Possible,” features Tom speaking directly to Virginians, urging them to believe that progress is possible, despite threats to our values by President Donald Trump. “We’re not a nation of hate,” Tom says, before speaking of his family’s immigrant history. He then goes on to outline his agenda and vision for Virginia as governor, saying, “I’m running for governor because every Virginian deserves a shot, regardless of race or region. That means higher wages, good jobs in forgotten communities, and lower student debt. It won’t happen overnight, but we can never stop believing progress is possible.”
The ads will air statewide, joining previously released ads on air, until primary day, June 13.


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