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Virginia & The Resistance: Aid the Republican Rout!


Virginia has primaries June 13 for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and for many of the 100 state house seats up for grabs.

The world is watching.  Help us show that the tide is turning against Trump.  Virginia 2017 is a bellwether for 2018 and we need to get the strongest candidates on the ballot to sweep the state in November.  Congressional Republicans will get the message that their support of Trump comes at a cost and impeachment may look more enticing.

Wherever you live, make common cause with Virginia.  Spread the word about this election to people on your e-mail lists and on social media, urging Virginians to vote on June 13th and asking everyone, wherever they live, to contact any liberals/progressives they know in Virginia to remind them about the election. Voters can find out their state district here and they can find out about the candidates here.

Thank you.




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