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Yet Another Environmental Endorsement for Tom Perriello: ClimateTruth.org Action


Just got this one…add to the growing list of environmental endorsers (Climate Hawks Vote, Bill McKibben/350.org, Friends of the Earth, etc.) for Tom Perriello.

ClimateTruth.org Action is proud to endorse Tom Perriello, a true climate champion, for Governor of Virginia.
The primary is on June 13, and every vote counts. Help get out the vote for Perriello in Virginia:
    Take action!

Dear Lowell,

With President Trump’s unacceptable decision to pull the United States out of the historic Paris Agreement, state and local governments are stepping up to meet climate commitments. And, Virginia can lead the way!

That’s why ClimateTruth.org Action is proud to endorse a true climate leader, Tom Perriello, as the next Governor of Virginia. We polled our Virginia members on the race, and an overwhelming 91% voted to endorse Perriello. Supporters said:

  • ”Tom Perriello is our best bet for helping Virginia stand up to pressure from fossil fuel corporations and proponents.” – Susan, Batesville, VA
  • “Opposing pipelines and dirty energy money is a brave choice. He’s got my vote!” – Donna, Manassas, VA
  • “This is the kind of leadership we need to see more of.” – Sarah, Newport News, VA 

Tom Perriello is the very first candidate in the country to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge — rejecting all campaign contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry. And, from the start, Perriello set himself apart by refusing to take even a dime from state-regulated utility monopolies like the state’s largest utility, Dominion Power. He has built a strong grassroots campaign, and is ready to fight back fiercely against Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Tom Perriello is the only candidate in this race to oppose the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley fracked-gas pipelines. He knows that thousands of new Virginia jobs can be created by focusing attention away from additional fossil fuel projects like fracked gas pipelines and offshore drilling — and toward clean energy projects in wind, solar, and renewables.

The stakes in this race are high, and every single vote counts. Here’s what you can do right now to support Tom Perriello for Governor:

The contrast is clear. Ralph Northam, Perriello’s opponent in the Democratic primary, has pulled in more cash from Dominion Energy than any other candidate in the race. Dominion Energy has been polluting Virginia rivers with toxic coal-ash and plans to remove the tops of Virginia mountains in order to make way for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a gas “superhighway.”

The gubernatorial election in Virginia is going to be one of the most-watched across the country, and it’s our moment to keep up the resistance, to keep fossil-fuel money out of politics, and to elect climate champions in key races from coast to coast.

We can turn the tide. But it will take all of us working together. With just days left before Election Day, join us and volunteer with the Perriello campaign.

Truthfully yours,
Emily, Brant, Amanda, and the rest of the ClimateTruth.org Action team


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